Affiliate Marketing – The Dream And The Reality

by Steve Wood | 24th September 2009

First, second or just to earn some extra cash online, it can be done if you believe it. Do you? Its not rocket science you know, anyone can do it. And believe me or not, its your call. You can do this for absolutely free. Its work, its dam hard work to start with, but it pays well. What is it? Article marketing, using your articles to sell affiliate marketing products. Like I say its hard work turning out article after article for 8 hours a day five days a week, but when it starts to pay off at $250 + a day that hard work dont seem that hard after all.

Not your cup of tea? Well if you are looking at signing up to one of those online opportunities you find all over the web, I would think again if I where you. If you are serious about jumping in on the work from home scenario, I would advise you get involved in affiliate marketing. Its time and effort but pays good extremely good.

Sign-up to article directory, write one article and point it at a product, and I guess you have the makings of your very own online business. Sound to good to be true? Well on this occasion it is and it isnt. you are going to need a hell of a lot more articles before you can say I have myself an online business that pays me.

What do you really need to create your affiliate marketing business? One computer, a few top article directories and lots of hard work form yourself. If you think for one moment you can join up to one of those online business opportunities and make money doing nothing you need to think again like I say you are your business if you dont work then your business wont work also.

Paying to join any type of online business opportunity is going to mean failure sooner or later. And you are going to be out of pocket. You are not buying a business, your buying a duplicated website that hundreds have tried and dumped, think about it. You pay the creator $20- $30 a month hosting fees, they tell you all you need to do is sell some one else on the business and you get paid $30, what happens when you can not find anyone who wants to pay you to join, and get their very own website just like yours? Yep thats right you dont have a business do you, but its still costing you $20-$30 a month to hold on to it. So who really owns it? I guess its the guy who gets the monthly hosting fees.

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