Determine What it Takes to Deter Click Fraud

by Darryl Recio | 30th May 2011

The internet has grown by leaps and bounds over the last few years, especially when it comes to the pay per click advertising industry. This is has lead to many good things, but it has also brought up ugly issues in the PPC arena, such as click fraud. The term click fraud is pretty self-evident – it means to generate fraudulent clicks to a PPC account. Businesses such as Google have always been aware of the issue and improvements have been made in this area. However, in order to really stop your account from encountering click fraud, there are some things that you should remember, which some of them are listed below.While this is all appropriate to your discovery, a few items about Affiliate Cash Clone carry more weight than others.

Target High Value Websites for Advertising: If you use a contextual ad network to run your ads, your ad will be displayed on different relevant websites. You can decide though where you want your ad to be displayed so you should take advantage of this. Some sites just have a tendency to invite click fraud and you can’t do anything about that. It could be a person or even a bot that is clicking on the ads on those sites so they can raise PPC revenues. You can work on targeting certain types of sites on which to run your ads. If you want to lower your chances of having your ads placed on sites where there is unethical practices, both Yahoo! and Google give you the freedom to choose which sites you want to advertise on.

Set Various Bid Prices for Content Oriented Websites: The amount of money that you dish out for each click will be decreased by doing this, which will immediately make the associated financial risks go down as well. Actual ad placement can consistently be limited on certain sites that are targeted to certain markets, which will greatly reduce your amount of exposure. But, why would anyone allow their ad exposure to be limited? This is because you only want your ads to be displayed on targeted sites that are top of the line. Putting your ads on all sites that show your keyword is only asking for the possibility of click fraud. Taking these types of little steps can make a big difference to the outcome that you will get from your pay per click money.

Concentrate on the Details. One of the best ways to combat click fraud is to keep an eye on each and every detail and be meticulous in your approach. Even if you just have a small inkling of suspicion, don’t ignore it, but completely analyze and go through all details that could relate to any suspicious activity. Also, ensure that you have all the data collected with you that is pointing to any questionable traffic generated. After all, you do need to have the evidence for any suspicious activity. Your opinion is not important, what the PPC provider will want are the legitimate facts. As you run your PPC campaign, take care to document all your traffic analysis. Anything that is related to your campaign needs to be documented, which could include email exchanges, reports, handwritten notes or screen shots.In mere seconds you can uncover a few possibly shocking pieces of information concerning Cash Renegade that we think you will love.

There you have it. These tips are simple to use and will help your account to not be hit with click fraud.

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