Keep Creating Unique Marketing Ideas

by Nigel Evans | 7th October 2009

Everyone is looking for that special edge these days in business and to devise unique marketing ideas that will enable them to jump forward. To be in business in general you need a different approach and a well constructed position before you even decide to “open shop.” Your overall marketing must have a similar creative edge to it.

Whatever line of business you’re in, the Internet is vital to your long-term success. Many different types of promotions are available to you through the web and you will surely benefit by linking up with Internet marketing membership sites and similar projects, which by their interactive nature are very cutting edge and will help you to be creative.

When you’re thinking about your advertising and promotions, as soon as you have come up with an idea, be prepared to look at it immediately from as many different angles as you can. This process of thinking outside the box will ultimately benefit you. As an idea, taken an information piece or an e-book that you are promoting and add a feature enabling the purchaser to tap into your considerable expertise as an added incentive. Don’t just mark something as available for purchase, think about what you can add to it first and create some unique marketing ideas this way.

Remember that you must have a unique angle, even if you are operating in a relatively heavily trafficked niche. Promotional and media outlets are often looking for interesting material and you could approach an online radio station or one of those nationally-based information stations to tell them about your angle for interview material. Your unique marketing ideas would be very valuable to their members or listeners.

Wherever you can, give things away rather than charge for them. So long as it is of a clear and perceived value, if you structure it well and of course make sure that you have adequate links within, you may be able to create a social media or viral buzz as part of one of your unique marketing ideas.

Join together with other organizations who have similar goals or offer something in common with your business. A little forethought and detective work will unearth these organizations. Approach them with an offer they cannot refuse or combine elements or products, creating several unique marketing ideas that will ultimately benefit both of you as part of this joint venture.

If you do not have a storefront of any kind, your website will be absolutely vital to your ongoing success. Don’t skimp on the development and presentation of your site and certainly join with some Internet marketing membership sites to help you optimize, create and grow. Your website should always be designed to draw people into your “sales funnel” and you should go out of your way to gather the information of every single visitor to your site by including a “squeeze page” and enticing them with a very valuable offer.

Always be working on the development of your business and don’t become too engrossed in the daily grind. Put time aside for the generation of unique marketing ideas on a regular basis if you want to keep ahead of the chasing crowd.

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