More Tips for your NEW Website!

by Neha.Grail | 22nd December 2010

When creating your own website for online marketing, it is important that you take care of certain things that are not only important for the look and feel of your website but also trigger high traffic and sales.

1. Use Includes for Footers, Headers and Navigation

It’s a hundred times easier to tweak your copyright date or your logo if you separate these commonly accessed files and turn them into includes. Anything that’s a common element on every page should be an include – it’s such a massive time saver!

2. Changeable Text Sizes for Better Usability

For the purposes of accessibility, this is definitely a must. Browsers will allow resizing of text if you specify their default size via ems or percentages. Constraints will be made when you use fixed pixel sizes, so avoid this unless absolutely necessary. It is much better not to force your readers to view content at one fixed size when you do not have to.

3. Sitemaps

Sitemaps help a search engine to crawl your website and are a really useful tool in your SEO belt. Ideally you will have a sitemap (typically linked to from the footer) that users can consult if they get lost and another version optimised for crawlers.

4. Reserve User Names on Social Networks

The importance of social media both for branding, community building and driving traffic to your website cannot be emphasised enough. As people spend increasingly more time on websites like Facebook and Twitter, it becomes even more essential that you go to where the users are. When you’re reserving your domain name, check that it is possible to set up a profile using the same name on the most important social networks so that your branding is consistent.

5. Write a Privacy Policy

If you are collecting data from a user in any way, there is a data protection act that requires you employ a privacy policy into your website. Not only should you have this available on your website, but it would be wise to include your company’s contact details and make them publicly available on your website.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your own website for your online marketing campaign today!

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