Tips For Whitehat SEO for your Marketing Campaigns

by Neha.Grail | 20th January 2011

People have been using questionable techniques to rank high in search engines for years. As a result, people have been penalized on or even banned from search engines for years. So, it is important that we follow Whitehat SEO techniques to continue marketing our products online.

1. Avoid Keyword Stuffing: If you think of keyword stuffing, the part of keyword stuffing that makes it a blackhat technique is the fact that you are overusing keywords in your page intentionally. However, if you take out the part where you are stuffing keywords into your page, you end up with the most powerful whitehat content writing search engine optimization tip ever: use important keywords in your content. Although writing content with keywords is nothing new, you now see the power of coming up with new ethical and organic SEO techniques by bouncing off blackhat ones.

2. Avoid Blog Spamming: Blog commenting, although I personally use it more for building relationships with other bloggers, can easily be used to build powerful backlinks. Think about it. Dofollow blog comments are linksfrom powerful blog posts from powerful bloggers in your niche. Plus, blog comments are a great way to have a discussion not only with a blogger, but other commentators.

3. Avoid Cloaking: Writing great, keyword-rich content and showing the same page to users and search engines is as organic as you can get. One tip I can give you on it is to always think of search engine optimization during your writing. This will have a very positive effect on the on-page optimization of your content.

4. Be Careful With Mass Article Submission: Guest posting is amazingly powerful, and not just on an SEO level. It brings dofollow backlinks from the powerful pages of other bloggers, but it also has the potential to drive thousands of targeted readers to your website, and all after the the effort of writing a single article.

So, do SEO Whitehat to get ranked higher in Google and other search engines!

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