What is Affiliate Marketing

by Jamela Martin | 13th February 2010

Affiliate Marketing Will Never Be…

Creating and selling your own product:

The creation of products is a very different business model in comparison to being an affiliate. Owning your products requires more work such as investing your time and money into both creation of the entire business structure around the product and marketing model used to cause buzz and awareness. This is not very easy nor is it hard to do but what makes the business of product creation much profitable are the marriage between affiliate marketing and a good product waiting to be found by targeted prospects driven by affiliate marketers.

The simple fact is by opinion of course is, being an affiliate is much more rewarding and easier than being the product owner (which is termed, merchant) because the work load is far less strenuous to deal with. As an affiliate, the only concern lies with getting traffic to merchant sites and being accredited for their efforts that is it. Usually affiliates themselves later on in the internet marketing field create their own products after learning all that is needed thus giving them the proper business structure and understanding within the internet marketing world of online promotions.

Becoming a spammer:

It is unfortunate that when people see the word “internet” mentioned along with the term “marketing” they practically insinuate that the information is about spamming. Or in fact we remember those annoying ads all over our favourite web page with useful content on it. There is absolute truth that there is spamming is used by some unscrupulous affiliate marketers to earn a quick commission off you.

The much bigger part of affiliate marketing is much calmer than your average spammers over the internet. By the way of affiliate promotions this is a core business model that keeps certain authority sites open online via affiliate marketing. These sites can be your favourites that you often visit like torrent websites, forums, and news that are filled with fresh contents. You may also realise that affiliate marketing also has review sites that help you buy a better bargain service or product that people voted on to be the best like comparison priced sites.

Not all Affiliates are the same with how they market whatever it is they do. However, they are everywhere on the internet providing you with a wealth of information on products or services that the fortune 500 companies are selling these days online. Affiliates that are not shady and they don’t clog up your in box with cheap products with horrendous spelling mistakes, they are honest and good people trying make a living and help others as well.

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