Why Is It Important To Split Test

by Justin Harrison | 28th December 2009

Split testing is essential to be performed on the online businesses, and it is one of the lesser known areas of testing, which sounds more like Greek and Latin to others. In case, you happen to be one of them, who isn’t really familiar with the term split testing, let us try to understand what split testing is really all about, with the help of a life real life example.

Assuming that you sell ovens in your local stores, you can adopt different strategies to sell it on your own, which could vary considerably from the strategies adopted by a near-by store. Now, if the neighboring store does better than you, it is possible to learn from your mistakes and improvise, until you succeed in performing better than all other stores in locality.

However, the same concept doesn’t apply to the sale of same oven online, as the ways in which, you interact with the customer greatly varies, and you might not be able to make use of your customer-interactions skills in an ecommerce shop. Therefore, when the discussion boils down to online activities, a completely new approach needs to be adopted for sure. There’s no comparison between these two approaches of sales, so no split testing can be carried out on these two ways, but split testing can be done individually in both the ways to closely monitor the areas of improvements in both these approaches independently.

Creating a system that identifies the faults in a product is the better way, instead of changing the things for every three weeks. The main idea of this split test is to identify the problems existing in the product. With this split test one can find out the characteristics of your item such as ads, landing pages and others. It also gives a sketch of the product at its non working side too.

Hence, you may carry out split testing on your Google AdWords advertising campaign, and check the conversion rates, by monitoring the difference in your best performing AdWords campaign and the rest. Even if you feel by changing the background colors, the font size or font family of the Ad URLs, the best performing ads have generated 1% higher profit, it could be worth your time, to incorporate these changes to the rest of the campaign.

This is the main point of performing split testing, and its mainly all about finding the small areas of improvisation in your business, to approach the ideal way to create a killer online store that generates massive level of revenues. Remember, there’s no master recipe for a successful online campaign, it all differs with the minor tweaks that make a large difference.

Having said this, those who can capitalize on split testing, inherently end up building powerful web pages that are far superior than their competitors and generate greater revenues, by merely concentrating on those tiny areas of improvements that always go unnoticed.

Justin Harrison is an internationally recognised Internet Marketing expert who recently published a detailed guide on split testing. For more information visit: http://www.splittestmasterguide.com

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