Site Sell (SiteSell), Site Build It, SBI – A critical and serious review

by admin | 3rd December 2010

SiteSell SBI Review

SiteSell SBI Review

What is all the craze about SiteSell? I have been asking myself this question for quite a while now. Friends of mine dont get tired of recommending this internet marketing full service to me. Finally, I got very curious and made some investigations and took a closer look on SiteSell, SiteBuildIt and SBI. I think, that most internet marketers have heard of SiteSell as it is well known and spread among the IM community. There are many advocates of this service. But lets be critical!

Who is behind “Site Sell”?

SiteSell Inc. is a privately held company headquartered in Montreal, Canada managed by 60 professionals from the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe.

Founded by visionary leader Ken Evoy, SiteSell has developed an almost cult-like following after successfully instructing over 100,000 novices – including solo entrepreneurs, small business owners, work at home moms and retirees – on how to build websites that outperform large competitors at less than a dollar a day.

No company in the world does what SiteSell does. A 30 minute video shows the complete picture:


SiteSell’s flagship product, Site Build It! (SBI!) is a step-by-step, all-in-one tool kit for developing a Top 3% website in terms of free, organic search traffic, at least that is what SiteSell claims. Lets take a look at this claim later on.

SBI! is built to empower ordinary people to successfully research, conceptualize, build, market, and host ”best of breed” Web sites across the globe. If you don’t already have an existing offline business, SBI! will teach you how to build a website around one of your hobbies, passions, or interests.

In a league of its own, SBI! is the only Internet business building tool and methodology taught at over 25 Colleges and Universities around the world. I have been quite impressed by that fact as I know how hard it is to get a recommendation from a university. Here is the proof:

Major universities (ex., University of Arizona and Penn State), community colleges, and even MBA programs (ex., The Citadel) include SBI! in their curriculum. No other commercial product is offered by any school, anywhere.

SBI! further claims to eliminate technology barriers and to keep the process simple. With over 70 time-savings tools and easy-to-follow training modules, SBI! is aiming at empowering people to focus on building their business instead of fighting technology and mastering Search Engines. SBI! indeed provides a wide range of tools, training, software, and support necessary for proven-success, all in one-place. Simply put, SBI! is aimed at offering customers a simple proven formula that builds long-term Internet success.

Here is a detailed breakdown of everything you get when you sign up:

I have learnt from my friends that SBI! Customers have 24/7 access, guidance and support every step of the way including: a step-by-step Action Guide, customer support, world-renowned forums, RSS Feeds, a Blog, cutting edge business-building and marketing tools, and “best-of-breed” partner resources. Indeed, I have found many testimonials in the internet backing up this view.

While scanning the internet, I have detected some sort of fanaticism related SiteSell. That is a fact, I dont like and it makes me a bit nervous, to be honest. However, I hardly found any negative feedback on SiteSell and so for the better of SiteSell let us assume, that this fanaticism comes from the quality and effectiveness of their products – as well as from their well paying affiliate program. The truth is, that I have subscribed as an affiliate as well but nevertheless, I try to be as accurate and honest to you as possible. I dont want to play with my reputation as a serious reviewer. This is way more valuable than earning a few bucks from a scam product. If you decide to purchase the product through my affiliate link, I will invest the money in improving this website for you.

So what about the results of SiteBuildIt?

If increasing web traffic is important to you, then you will be happy to know: 62% of SBI! sites are in the Top 3% of all sites on the Internet! In other words, 62% percent of SBI! clients beat 97% of Internet competition in terms of organic search traffic. The truth is, maximizing online sales and driving tons of free organic webtraffic is one of SiteSell’s biggest benefits.

So what is the price?

Customers can purchase SBI! for an annual, all-inclusive price of only $299. At the first glance, this is a heavy price!! But to put it into perspective a bit: SBI! tools are valued at more than $5,000 if bought through other sources: SBI! delivers high-value, proven-results, an all in one price, and is backed by a 100% money back guarantee. I was taken aback by the price in the first moment, to be honest. But the 90 days 100% money back guarantee gives you the possibility to try everything without much of a risk.

Any proof of success?

I think, it cannot be argued that since 1997 SiteSell has helped over 100,000 build successful top 3% websites with no prior experience. And when I say “successful” consider this fact: 62% of the people who sign up for SiteSell’s flagship product Site Build It! (SBI!) end up with a website in the Top 3% of all sites on the internet in terms of traffic.

In other words, 62% of their clients beat 97% of the competition in terms of “free” web traffic on the net — And that stat becomes even more impressive when you consider that virtually all of their clients started with virtually no experience.

That is what SiteSell tries to back up with real proof and stats. In stark contrast to many “Get-Rich-Quick” offers out there that provide 3 or 4 case studies on their site… Site Sell puts their money where their mouth is by providing proof of succes.

For instance, here is a link to over 500, Top 1% websites build with Site Build It! (SBI!)

Here’s another link to 21 in-depth case studies:

Here’s another to some home page screen shot with site owner testimonials:

Here’s another to a page that delivered a wide variety of “proof.”

So what is the verdict?

According to what I have seen, read and heard about SiteSell, it seems to be the case that SiteSell really tries its very best to deliver real success for its customers. It doesnt seem to be a scam product nor have I found any proof that SBI does not work. To the contrary, I have found many case studies, reviews, samples and opinions stating that SBI provides overwhelming success to its customers. Additionally, friends of mine – experienced internet marketers themselves – use SBI and dont hesitate to recommend this product. Last but not least, SBI offers one of the best money back guarantees in the industry.

So I guess that SBI will be the next product in my wishlist. At the moment, I just dont have the time to thoroughly implement and test it as I have other ambitious projects. But I will try to test it in February or March 2011. I will be back then with more information and test results for you.

For now, If you want to know more visit this link:

Please note: this is an affiliate link. If you decide to purchase SBI, the commissions will be invested in improving this website.

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