Choosing the Right Affiliate Marketing Network!

by Neha.Grail | 23rd November 2010

For those wishing to cash in on the success of affiliate marketing you need not feel completely alone. There are many affiliate marketing networks to help you discover products to promote. Before selecting any affiliate marketing network, it would be wise to do some research as to which will suit you best – although there is no reason not to join more than one.

Perhaps the most important factor is that of industry focus. One of the most common mistakes among new affiliates is to be lured by the high earnings potential of incredibly competitive sectors such as consumer finance, electronics, dating or even the adult industry where you can experience very big affiliate commissions if you are successful.

You are best to focus on areas where you have genuine insight and passion. Building an affiliate business is a long haul and you are competing with just about everyone that has access to the web so differentiation is vital.

Once you have decided on one or more sectors, you can then seek out suitable affiliate programs and networks. Here are some you might want to consider:

1. ClickBank is one of the best known affiliate marketing networks. With over 20,000 different digital products on display for you to promote and commissions of up to 75% of the value of the sale, this isn’t a great surprise. It`s free to sign up as an affiliate and there`ll be no waiting around for the approval of the supplier of the product which enables you to start selling quickly and easily.

2. Linkshare has everything from flowers to books, music and fashion are available for promotion. As an added incentive Linkshare offer training to their affiliates. Linkshare also offers a broad range of professional services including paid search engine management (SEM) and lead generation to its advertisers which helps in attracting and retaining some of the world`s major brands as advertisers.

3. PayDotCom helps you to identify the key information needed to effectively advertise the products that you’ve chosen to promote. Commissions of up to 80% help to sweeten the deal and commission is paid regularly through PayPal with which PayDotCom is deeply integrated.


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