How To Develop An Effective Blog Network?

by Neha.Grail | 30th November 2010

If you enjoy blogging and want to take it and your income to the next level, you should start a blog network. After establishing your first blog, you now have some experience, subscribers and visitors that keep your site humming from day to day. Branching out into a network is a lot of hard work, but at least you have some experience under your belt. Here are 5 ways to develop your own blog network that will help you progress smoothly and increase your prospects for success.

1. Pay attention to your readers – Your customers will give you clues as to what topics to cover in your next blog. After all, they like your blog, so maybe many of your users share similar interests and traits. By listening to the questions and comments that are on your existing site, you can get clues for what new topic will be a natural fit.

2. Use other bloggers – Your blog network doesn’t have to be entirely owned, by you. Make every blog equal and have criteria to join. You can then brand the network and you have conditions for synergy without spending any money. Not only can you share tips and tricks, you can share users and links too.

3. Site promotion – One of the powerful things about having a blog network is that you will ultimately have numerous sites that can provide coveted back links to each other. This eases the promotion efforts for every blog in the network regardless of who owns it.

4. Communications – The increased reach you have with a blog network, but communicating with member bloggers can be challenging. Be sure to have a communications plan and policy in place so everyone knows up front that they are expected to respond to emails and phone calls. If you are going solo, you will probably have to have to pay writers, so make sure they understand your communication requirements as well.

5. Use your social media base – Since your social media profile is personal, your followers will appreciate knowing about your new initiative. This is a good venue for promoting new blogs in your network rather than going beyond simple links in your existing properties.

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