Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Networks

by admin | 8th September 2009

It is a continous strain to detect and locate the best affiliate networks in the net. A lot of marketers have asked for the top cpa networks. Well, here is my top ten list of cpa affiliate marketing networks in all their glory.

You ask for my criteria of ranking them? Because they provide on time high payouts and great manager support. These are not flyby night affiliate networks that say the offer great payouts then decide to cancel your account before you reach the payout limit.

If you signup with these networks and abide by their terms you will get paid and paid on time!

Top 10 Affiliate Networks:

1. Azoogle

It is the largest performance-based ad network and is focused primarily on direct response advertising and “CPA”. Each day, Azoogle’s publisher base of around 40,000 publishers works to monetize advertisements from hundreds of top-tier online advertisers across all platforms including Search, Display and Social Media.

2. Maxbounty

This affiliate network has both in-house managed campaigns for you to advertise, and merchants wanting direct relationships with you. Maxbounty can boast of one of the industry’s best and unique reporting systems.

3. (formerly CPA Empire)

If there is one distinct thing that sets this affiliate network apart from the rest of the industry it is their focus on providing unparalleled Affiliate Support to theirs affiliates.

4. HydraNetwork

Hydra Network is on the fast track to becoming an industry leader because of their wide variety of high paying promotions, tremendous support and service, ease of operation and flawless tracking.

5. OfferQuest

This affiliate network’s conservative management approach, proven marketing strategies, and online publishing experience combined with enterprise affiliate tracking and ad delivery tools allow their affiliates to earn higher advertising revenue.

6. Commission Junction

7. IncentaClick

8. Linkshare


10. Clickbank

We feel that Azoogle deserves to be #1 as they offer Great Payouts and Great Support and a lot of affiliate marketers earn great money from them! If you have not signed up for any of the networks listed above you should click the banners and signup as you are missing out on extra money you could be earning from these CPA networks.

Yes, you have got it right. I suggest to you to sign up with more than one cpa network. There are several reasons I use several networks:

1. comparison shopping so I can see who is paying the best or if all are paying the same i see who will give me the bump in payout (only do this if you know offer will convert well on your site)

2. To get a variety of offers. As some have exclusive offers, while some may have exclusivity of having the email promotion or a specific promotion.

3. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. I always try new things and have alternatives at my finger tips because if one ends i don’t want all my revenue to end.

4. some networks get offers up quicker than others and have the offer first can mean the difference in making money.

However, there’s a negative impact on using multiple affiliate networks as well though – you may get spammed with all their new offers, emails and affiliate managers.

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  1. Sep 29th, 2009 :

    just tried Affiliate Marketing with Clickbank and Amazon. you could earn a lot from these Affiliate Marketing sites if you have lots of US and UK traffic.

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