Add SEO Smart Links To Your Blogs

by Neha.Grail | 29th December 2010

SEO Smart Links, is the blog content interlinking plugin that does an impressive job making sure your blog posts, tags and categories are linked from within your post content. With its new improved version, it has got even smarter and covers some essential features that all SEO guys will appreciate.

First, the plugin has become faster: the new parsing algorithm is not only more versatile, it is also about 3 times faster.

Secondly, the main feature, automated interlinking, has been improved in a number of ways including:

  • Post slug keywords can be matched now: you can now interlink by the post slug (e.g. phrase ‘Getting to Mars’ would link to post with the slug ‘getting-to-mars’)
  • You can now set the minimum length in characters for term to be considered for autolinking.
  • Option to parse only posts older than given number of days.

Thirdly, custom keywords feature has been improved a great deal:

  • You can now enjoy the visual interface to specify your keywords;
  • You can now enable automatic checking of plural form of the keyword;
  • You can now specify multiple URLs per keyword(s) and the plugin will pick one at random

There are many more really cool features added like plugin statistics, export and import feature, etc – which make the plugin really worth the money it costs.

The new version of plugin allows you to specify your own HTML/CSS code for all links made by SEO Smart Links so you can easily add description or layout, color, font-size, alignment, add tags.

Now you can easily asily export your custom keyword configuration and import it on another blog. Also you can export the full configuration (including all options) and save it as a backup or use it on another blog.

The premium plugin has options for better control over the number of created links. You can now specify maximum number of links on page (original links + SEO Smart Links created) and the plugin will never exceed this limit.

Get the SEO Smart Links plugin today.

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