How To Create An Email List?

by Neha.Grail | 5th January 2011

Depending on who you have been influenced by in your internet marketing career, you’ll have different views on whether to collect email addresses or not.

The internet marketing niche is obviously one of the ones I have the largest email list in, and this niche is a classic example of one that it is a good idea to do so.

A niche market who’s customers have a keen interest in a subject where this interest will be ongoing and which potentially has a large number of quality products available. Anything that is hobby related can work well, because people in this niche will usually be interested in their hobby for some time and have some degree of passion towards it, which means they will most likely spend money on products .

Other classic niches are ones where people require ongoing education, whether it be a hobby or more of a business focus where they welcome information from other people involved in the niche itself, of course the IM niche is a good example of this.

The other thing to note is that in order to really monetize an email list properly you have to be collecting a decent number of leads everyday, as you can’t just rely on the same contacts and leave it at that, you always need new people coming along.

I assume the next logical question is, how do I get people onto my email list in the first place? Well before I answer that, I think a more important question is, once people are on my email list what will I be offering them? What will I be able to do to help them.

Far too often people want emails so they can make money off people, but I don’t like that approach, of course it’s ok to sell stuff, I mean your email list is not a charity list, but you have to think about quality first.


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