How To Make Blogging A Fruitful Experience?

by Neha.Grail | 13th December 2010

There are many people that try their hand at beginning a blog. The majority of these bloggers will get frustrated and give up their blogging before long. This is mainly due to the feeling of frustration and being overwhelmed by a blog that is not maintained.

Here are some blogging tips that can make your blogging fruitful:

#1. Stay Clean: While blogging is meant to be fun, educational and rewarding, it can also be frustrating and overwhelming if not properly maintained. This can cause the blogger to give up their site without ever getting the rewards out of their experience. By making sure that you clean out old blogs and keep your content fresh and interesting you will increase your ratings.

#2. Stay Updated: There are always advancements that are made in blogging platforms and plugins, so it is very important to make sure that you are updating your software as these new updates become available. This will help to insure that you are getting the most out of your blog using the tools to create the best blog possible, while maintaining security.

#3. Keep what’s best, remove the rest: If you have plugins or archive templates that you are no longer being used, you should delete them. These items can use up your server resources making your blog run slower and putting it at risk of losing important information. If you have default templates that you are not using, you can delete them.

#4. Update database: It is necessary to update your blog’s database from time to time, which helps to insure that you are getting all of the latest tools and security that are available for your specific blog. Updating WordPress has gotten a lot easier with one-click installations for the core app and plugins, so there’s really no excuse!

#5. Remove Spam: C All too often spammers leave comments and trackbacks on old entries posted to their blog in an attempt to rank higher. An easy way to mitigate these problems is to install Akismet, which will block most of the spam comments and trackbacks. Thoroughly check whatever comments and trackbacks are let through in case you allow any cleverly disguised spam.

So, make sure you follow the blogging tips. Happy Blogging!

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