Looking For Life Insurance Leads

by Dave Vower | 3rd March 2010

Insurance salesmen should be on their toes the least bit times and are continuously looking for all times insurance leads as most agents don’t seem to be salaried and only earn commissions once they need made a sale. So as to urge a good salary they have to enroll customers which means they have enough leads to achieve their target each month.

Here are a few suggestions that you’ll use to get yourself life insurance leads and earn a decent commission every month:

The first thing you need to do is look at the life changing experience people have as this alone will provide you with more leads than you can imagine.

When folks get rid of a mortgage loan they have to secure this debt with life insurance within the event of death. These types of leads are smart as these people are motivated to require out life insurance.

Every parent needs the best for his or her kids and that they need to make sure that if one thing happens to them the children are taken care of and they usually get rid of additional insurance policies to hide education etc. These are excellent life insurance leads that you should not pass by.

You can also look into areas where marriages break up or where a spouse has died and there was not enough coverage. Job losses are another avenue to look at when people lose their jobs they are no longer covered. New businesses need insurance cover.

As you can see there are many ways in which you can get yourself leads as there are new avenues opening all the time you just have to be prepared to work hard and get on top of things. Make friends with staff at the banks and ask them to pass on leads. You can earn a huge commission every month all you got to do is just put yourself out there.

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