Social Media vs SEO: What should I pick?

by Neha.Grail | 8th December 2010

From last few days there has been a lot of buzz in blogosphere and amongst online marketers about which has better ROI – Social media or SEO. Well, this debate is not new as similar questions have arisen a lot of times in past including the recent blog post on pro blogger “Why Social Media Is a Better Investment than SEO”. The post basically covers the author experiences about why Social Media is better than SEO. And, in this article we’ll try to look a bit deeper to understand the difference between both approaches and which one is better.

People search for what they need at that moment. If someone searches for “Camera reviews” it means that they are planning to buy camera. On other hand, people do not join social media sites to search something. They join Facebook or Twitter to make connections and to network with their friends. And through this network they may discover some new content which can grab their attention.

Now how this Difference can Impact your business –

In SEO, a person optimizes his website for certain keywords so he basically has an idea about where the visitors are located in commercial cycle. Like as mention in our previous example, if your website ranks for keyword “Camera reviews”, you know the visitors you get from search engines are interested in buying cameras. But, in social media you do not have any idea regarding the intention of traffic you get from social media sites. They come to your website because they have seen a mention of your website or your content through your social media networks and may turn to your customers in near future.

Both Search engines and social media are the biggest source of traffic and no marketer can afford to ignore any source of traffic. Also, you need to have patience and work hard to be successful in both search engines and social media. So there should be no “either SEO or social media” approach, instead of that there should be “Social media and SEO approach”.

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