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by admin | 5th November 2010

BuyRefs Review

BuyRefs Review

Many of us are permanently looking for reference and referrals to our several affiliate programs. There are many affiliate programs out there which offer 2nd tier to x tier referral revenues. Most of us havent tapped into this earning potentials so far. Now, it is time to benefit from multi tier referral programs of our affiliate programs and networks.


Check out the best referral selling website here: 25 international signups -> $8,95

There are lot of websites which happily give 1$ to 10$ for every free referral that we make for them. How to get referrals is always being a question. Fortunately, there are some reputed sites like which make our job easier. is an excellent website – selling traffic, ad impressions and referrals – which provides us with guaranteed referrals at the most competitive price I have found in the internet.
They have different categories for referrals & they distinguish them location wise. The most expensive referrals are the US sign ups, followed by Canada, Australia and UK. Apart from which they also give us international sign ups which is basically out of these 4 countries.

Check out the best referral selling website here: 25 international signups -> $8,95

They also have a good refund policy & in case they fail to deliver the referral package in desired time they refund us the whole money. Payment can be made in either pay pal or credit card. They also have a good affiliate program & if we can make referrals for them, if we make any purchase we get a discount of 10% on it. Their customer care is very prompt & active. They also have a lot of customer feedback and opinions, so you can have a look what others think of the services and products of

Overall, this is the best site for buying referrals in the internet, I have found so far. They have the best prices and deliver good results. I would rate BuyRefs 8 out of 10. In case, you are looking for cheap referrals, please visit them here:

Check out the best referral selling website here: 25 international signups -> $8,95

You want guaranteed, quality signups or traffic for your favourite program or website? You are at the right place with I highly recommend them and use them myself quite often.

Here are 10 reasons why you should buy at

* Great prices
* We deliver international signups, premium international signups and usa signups
* We deliver traffic, country targetted traffic and banner impressions
* Guaranteed number of signups and traffic you order
* Signups completed within 30-60 days, irrespective of the order
* Full refund of any signups we were not able to deliver
* Pay with Alertpay, Liberty Reserve and Paypal
* A straightforward, easy to use system; pick your product, register and pay
* Affiliate system: earn 10% of every sale for a lifetime period
* Personal statistics for traffic orders

To your success and all the best!! Please provide feedback to this blog post and the services of

They have currently a discount on all USA signups for the remainder of this month. You can use this couponcode to get 10% discount on all your USA signups: “USApromotion”.

Check out the best referral selling website here: 25 international signups -> $8,95

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