5 Lightning Quick Tips For Writing a Best Selling E-Book Title

by admin | 18th October 2009

How to create titles and head lines that reach out and grab your readers by the cohones…Or better yet…Their wallets…

Let’s face it, in the fast paced world of e-book marketing, if your title doesn’t reach out and get your readers attention than all of you hard work could be for nothing. Or worse you could be leaving hundreds if not thousands of dollars on the table. And I can’t see why anybody in their right mind would want to do that. Here are some quick tips to help you make your e-book titles sizzle. 

Be Outrageously Bold. Take the title of this article for example. Now, let’s say the tile of this article was “5 tips for Creating A E-book Title” now read “5 Lightning Quick Tips For Writing A Best Selling E-book Title”… Now add a subtitle “That Will Reach Out and Grab Your Readers by the Co hones…” Can you see the difference? Remember, you only have a few seconds to grab your reader’s attention so don’t be afraid to be a little outlandish even silly at times.


What’s In It for Them. Your title and sub title should always include the main benefit of your e-book or article. Your goal is to intrigue the reader to want to keep reading. People want to read for two main reasons. One is to be entertained and the other is to be informed or educated. Combine the two in your title and you’ve got a real attention grabber. For example, let’s say you are at the book store looking for a book about photography. As you skim through the titles one has the title “Modern Photography” and another reads “1001 Digital Photography Tips the Pro’s Don’t Want You To Know… And How You Can Do Them All for Less Than A Dollar.”  Now… which one grabs your attention more?

Use Keywords In Your Title. If at all possible try to use your main keyword some where in your tile. This not only gives juice to the search engines but also lends credibility to your e-book. Now, this isn’t always easy… But try making a list of possible titles that include your keyword and just brainstorm until your find one that fits. Hopefully you have already done your keyword research before you wrote your e-book. But a quick search with Google’s Keyword Tool will give you a good idea of what key words are being searched for.

Practice Brian Storming Exercises. Grab a blank sheet of paper and write down your keyword. Next just start writing the next thing that comes to your mind. Don’t worry if it makes any sense. Just write freely and as fast as you can. You can even ask a family member (kids are great for this) to help you. You’ll be amazed at what you come up with. By the way… This is a great and fun way to involve your family in your business.

Create A Swipe File. Put simply… a swipe file is a collection of titles that you have gathered over time that you know are proven to work. These can be from anywhere, the book store, television, Readers Digest, ect… Keep a small note pad on hand so when you are out shopping and something gets your attention you can jot it down. You’ll also want to keep a folder on the desktop of your where you can copy and paste titles or headlines that get your attention. Play around with mixing and matching different titles and headlines and see what you come up with. And remember… have fun with it.

I sincerely hope that these tips help you in creating your next best selling e-book title, killer subject line for your next e-mail campaign, or your latest article. If you would like to lean more about creating subject lines, titles or, more about writing in general then check out these Reviews and Grab a Free Report on the subject Here

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