Unique Ways To Earn Revenue From Writing Articles – 12 Best

by admin | 2nd December 2010

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Unique Ways To Earn Revenue From Writing Articles – 12 Best

Website owners are crying out for unique and fresh articles, writing articles is the hottest thing on the internet at this time. It is one of the easy and free ways to bring traffic site and then make dollars from the traffic. The great thing is that you too can start to cash in on the vast demand for unique articles. You do not have to be a particularly great writer to write good unique articles that will make you money. You just need to be your ownself and write in a free flowing way as if you are speaking to a person. But you must do some self study and note down the relevant key points that you are going to stress in the article before you sit to compile an article. Your article need not be the “BEST” in the world on that subject for you to be able to make money with it but it must be easily comprehensible and as far as possible unique. Do not try to copy exactly but you can always take points and write in your own language because to say the truth we all know from each other.

Here is a list of 12 methods through which you can earn good money by writing articles :-

1. Bring traffic to your website – You can put a link to your site at the in the resource box to let people who are interested in what you are offering to click on your hyperlink. And when you get sufficient amount of people to your website or blog you can earn revenue from advertising.

2. Make a mailing list – Give away free articles for subscribing to a newsletter or send them new articles regularly, once you have captured their names and email addresses, the possibilities are many, you can promote affiliate offers or send them to your website or blog by sending them compelling and luring emails.

3. AdSense – You can make a article rich website full of unique worthy
and search engine optimized articles that will pull search traffic to your website. Just register with Google for free – get an Adsense account and put the Google AdSense code on your content pages to show contextual advertisements make revenue from every valid click (PPC).

4. Promote Affiliate Products – You can sell affiliate links by writing a short review article about the product or service and put a link at the end of the article to the merchant site. But it is always better] to link to your blog where you list your affiliate links rather than giving the affiliate links directly. If you do not have a site you can always have one at anytime you want from various free platforms available on Internet – just do a Google Or Yahoo and you will get many.

5. Create a blog(weblog) – A blog is short for weblog, you can use your article writing skills to write a blog and bring crowd to your blog site and earn money from AdSense or sell affiliate programs or some other forms of advertisements like text-link-ads and banner ads etc and also writing sponsored reviews.

6. Make Ebooks – When you have written a number of articles you can compile together related articles to create an Ebook in the pdf or some other popular format to sell and earn good money.

7. Viral ebook – Similar to making an ebook, but instead of selling the ebook you just give it away for free and in each article in the ebook you will be promoting your affiliates sitesand website, this will spread like wildfire on the internet and is a will prove to be a great money earner for you.

8. Ebay – You can sell your articles on Ebay for a minimal price say 50 cents or even cheaper depending on demand, the aim here is to sell as much articles as possible to drive people to your affiliate program. This will not only make money from selling on Ebay but will also earn you money by promoting your affiliate links or website or blog.

9. Promote your article writing skills on Freelance sites – Once you gather some expertise of writing articles and have got a number of articles under your belt, you can start making bids for article writing projects on Freelance sites and can provide them with examples of your work by sending them your articles that you have written and if they like what they see and the price is reasonable then you will have another opportunity to earn good money from writing articles for your clients.

10. Sell your articles to site owners – As I said before people are crying out for good well written articles, webmasters are constantly searching for good quality articles to show on their website or blogs. Your can search for forums related to the topic of your article and once you have created an account, you can make your offer on the forum. As long as the price is reasonable many webmasters will be more then willing to pay dollars for a good quality article.

11. Give your written articles away for free to bloggers – Instead of selling your articles to websmasters, distribute it for free to publish on their blog to promote your affiliate products or blog.

12. Submit your articles to Article Directories – Distribute all your articles to as many good quality directories as you can find. This will create a good level of traffic to your affiliate links or your website.

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