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Joachim Rodriguez Webmaster and Internet Marketer

SEO & Affiliate Coaching Blog is dedicated to all aspects of Internet Marketing and to providing information to its visitors on the best SEO and affiliate marketing ressources, tutorials, ecourses and    products available in the internet.

The SEO & Affiliate Coaching Blog is hosted and maintained by the long time Internet Marketer and SEO/affiliate marketing specialist Joachim Rodriguez. Together with high qualified guest authors he provides unique articles and blog posts to his blog visitors.

Joachim Rodriguez has been active in internet marketing and SEM sincs 2004 and has attended uncountable seminars, tutorials, webinars, ecourses and the like, all revolving around this topic. He has tested most of the notable IM products and services out there as well as some more unknown ones. By trial and error, he seperated the good ones from the bad ones and compiled his own Internet Marketing eCourse recommending only the methods, systems, instruments, techniques, products and services that really work.

You are very welcome to join his eCourse and get the information and the training required to succeed online and to build your own virtual real estate.

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