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I am trying to give you this overview over highest quality internet marketing stuff here. I will list my personal favorites and my top performing stuff. These are things that I have thoroughly tested and that have proved to be of high quality. They really deliver what they promise. So I hope they will help you on your internet marketing journey as they helped me.

I have categorised them so that it is easier for you to find what you are looking for.

This list will be updated on a permanent basis so that only the best services and products will be listed.

SEO & Affiliate Marketing Coaching

1) SEOBOOK SEO Training -> #1 Ranked SEO Training Program in the web. It includes over 100 training modules, has been well referenced around the world, & is currently being used as course material for accredited college courses in internet marketing. It comes with many high-quality exclusive SEO tools including a Website Health Check Tool, Competitive Research Tool, Duplicate Content Checker, Hub Finder, and the LocalRank tool.

Search Engine Optimisation

1) RankPay -> RankPay is a performance based search engine optimization company. They offer a very unique SEO service unlike any other we’ve come across on the internet. Their motto says it all, If you don’t rank, you don’t pay. With RankPay there are literally no startup costs or set up fees. They will get your website SEO campaign underway for free. RankPay only charges your after you have achieved rankings for desired keywords as well.

2) Sheer SEO -> SheerSEO is an SEO software to track and analyze your SEO campaign. Also helps you with link building. I especially liked the 90 days free trial it offers to new users.

3) -> One of the best SEO companies out there. has delivered an average ROI of 2,479% for its past clients, and a 60% increase in traffic. You can request a free instant website report on their homepage.

4) KeywordSpy -> KeywordSpy lets you grab the keyword lists of other sites, you just do a search in or input the url that you want to see their keywords and viola! You’ll have their 20K+ list!! Pretty cool eh?

With just few searches and clicks, I was able to do comprehensive set of ad campaign groups that keep my Adwords’ Quality Score consistently high and my minimum keyword bids low! KeywordSpy is simply a premium product.

5) Internet Business Promoter (IBP) -> Massive and powerfull seo software. IBP is a top-rated website promotion software tool that helps you to get more customers and sales through high rankings on Google and other major search engines. They offer a money back guarantee if you dont rank in the top ten after a certain amount of time. They offer a free trial version.

6) Trellian Keyword Discovery -> Quite expensive but really powerful and impressive intelligence tool to be one step ahead of the competition. Trellian compiles and analyzes internet usage statistics to create a powerful Competitive Intelligence tool that no SEO business should be without. Competitive Intelligence provides the means to monitor your competitor’s web sites to identify their major traffic sources. You can find out which sites are responsible for sending traffic to their pages, including search engines and the search keywords used.

Link Building

1) Paul & Angela’s Quality Backlinks -> provides you with 50 High Page Rank backlinks from free authority sites every month (These are not paid links) for only 8 USD. All authority sites will have a high Page Rank in Google, and all links will be dofollow one-way links, which gives you maximum results in Google. Great price for a great service.

2) Submit Edge -> One of the best SEO firms that offers cheap link building solutions, directory submissions and article submissions. 100% manual submission, quality links, detailed reports, great support.

3) BacklinkBuild -> BacklinkBuild is a linkbuilding service based out of New Jersey. Backlinkbuild focuses on building one-way backlinks for website owners and search engine optimizers that need additional help with backlink building. According to, they offer 45 PR5+ backlinks, and packages catered to your specific wants and needs.

Traffic Generation

1) Crazy Clickbank Cash -> Breakthrough underground software I still use myself to generate traffic to my blogs. Slashes your time efforts in SEO and Internet Marketing dramatically. Just a one-time-payment. Offers 60 days 100% money back guarantee. Very cheap compared to many services doing the same work.

It scours the Internet to find the top markets that are already getting scads of traffic. then it profiles how existing marketers are getting that traffic so you don’t have to do it yourself.

2) Firepow Premium Blogging Software -> please see below for details

Affiliate Marketing Networks & Programs

1) WordsPay -> Great system. Kind of an aggregator of many affiliate networks. Manage them all from one place. Online service to fill WordPress and Blogger blogs with targeted affiliate offers from more than 15 providers, fully customizable and working on auto-pilot. Packages start as low as $7 a month, free accounts available with limitations.

2) Clickbank -> For anyone wanting to get started in affiliate marketing, ClickBank is the place to go. There are thousands of products to choose from and commission can be as high as 75%; you just won’t find that anywhere else. No one does customer service better than ClickBank. They are my customer service team, and I simply couldn’t do it without them.

3) Commission Junction -> One of the biggest affiliate marketing networks with a wide range of products to promote.

4) PayDotCom -> Similar to Clickbank but the products are not the same quality. Nevertheless it offers a wide range of products and services worth to being promoted. Here, you can earn up to 80% affiliate commissions.

5) Two Enough -> Great WordPress Products and Plugins that any affiliate marketer needs with affiliate program. You earn on two tiers.

6) FileSonic -> FileSonic also lets you make money, when people register for a Premium account through your files. Specifically you get 60% commission, which could easily make you a lot of cash. Premium pricing ranges from $9 (30 days) to $55 (365 days). These prices are for just one sale.

Internet Marketing Tools

1) WordsPay -> Great system. Please see above for details.

2) LockPress -> Nice Free WordPress Plugin for Internet Marketers. With it you may charge visitors for accessing blog posts and pages. Blog owner will get the payments directly to their PayPal account, various pricing options are available.

3) AWeber -> The standard Autoresponder tool for anyone interested in building large lists of prospects. It has loads of features to run email marketing programs with powerful, easy-to-use email marketing tools. Great performance tracking tools and very quick and reliable support.

4) Traffic Wave -> Traffic Wave is an inexpensive email marketing solution and alternative to AWeber or GVO that is perfect for those who want a simple way to manage their lists. The service has received mostly positive reviews from customers. Their major competitors are much better when it comes to delivery rates and features. The big benefit of using this service is the price and free trial.

5) SiteSell -> This is the only service I recommend without using it myself. However, I wanted to add it here, as some of my close friends are using it and highly recommend it. I myself just dont have the time to use it at the moment but I wanted to share my thoughts on it with you.


My friends believe SiteSell to be far ahead of the competition when it comes to the automation of the website design, optimization, promotion, tracking and monetization process. Basically, Ken Evoy, the President and Founder of SiteSell, is an reputed Internet marketing guru. What he has done is take almost all the stuff you will see on this entire website and automate it, so all you have to do is concentrate on content. SiteSell takes care of the rest!

I think this is a service especially for newbies to internet marketing of for marketers who want to concentrate on the content creation of their business. I myself love the several aspects of my business way too much to hand them over to a tool, to be honest. But for a lof of people, SiteSell would be ideal. Many of the most successful internet business in the web use this service. It is quite expensive but you can try it with a 90 days money back guarantee without any risk.

6) AlertPay -> AlertPay is a solid payment processor and probably the best competitor and alternative to Paypal. Especially, if you face problems of any kind with Paypal you should try AlertPay. Fees are slightly lower than with Paypal. Well I prefer it to Paypal but Paypal is still insanely popular but it’s not as good as Google Checkout or Moneybookers which for me are cheaper on the credit card transactions. To sum up, it is a good payment processor but not for credit cards.

7) FileSonic -> FileSonic is a file sharing service (much like Hotfile, Rapidshare or Megaupload) that allows you to upload your files (both normal upload from your computer, via FTP or remote upload of files already online). Through the unique URL provided you can let people download your files.


Niche Blogging

1) Firepow Premium Blogging Software -> To my opinion really the number 1 web tool for easy blog creation, fast traffic generation, and elite level affiliate revenue. I currently run more than 100 blogs on this powerful niche blogging tool. A proof for its quality is the 14 days full access trial offer for only 1 USD.

A few clicks of your mouse creates you a perfectly optimised blog or blog network. Firepow does automatically do the SEO on your blogs and websites, finds you targeted, relevant quality content from the web and posts it to your blog automatically, without your effort. It further automatically monetizes your blog with your banners, Adsense or cloaked affiliate links. Last but not least, it builds links to your website from 5 different locations getting you faster search rankings and more traffic.

The system is not cheap but absolutely worth the money to create an army of profitable niche blogs.

2) Niche Blogging Institute -> Hardcore Affiliate Marketing and Niche Blogging Secrets Revealed. If you’re looking for a low cost way to get comprehensive training and professional coaching on how to build a passive affiliate income business from 0 to $x,000 per month online then you should subscribe to this eCourse. I especially like the With 1 on 1 Coaching, And Full Hand Holding at Each Step of The Way…

3) WordsPay -> Great system for Niche Blogging Content with Affiliate Offers embedded. Please see above for details.


1) Internet Millionaire System -> This eCourse is ideal for newbies and all those just starting up with affiliate marketing. It wont make you a millionaire over night but provides solid and secret information on how to succeed online.  This is the simple, straight-forward course I wish I’d had years ago. It’s precisely the resource I needed. It really gives you a solid business foundation.

2) Ewen Chia’s 24 Hours Internet Business -> Shows an easy, quick and cheap way to see profits in a short time. It takes about 2-3 hours to set everything up, and Ewen Chia will walk you through every step. It is really cheap and the technique is mostly free. I have been using this technique for a long time now.

3) Niche Blogging Institute -> please see above for details

Earning money with your website

1) WordsPay -> Great system for Niche Blogging Content with Affiliate Offers embedded. Monetize your blog with a push of a button. Please see above for details.


1) The GDI Master System -> Possibly the best set of programs and services, all compiled into a powerful and impressive system to set your MLM efforts on fire. Comes with an amazing MLM program, numerous tools to generate traffic and leads and a step by step guide to set everything up.

Hosting & Domain Services

1) Hostgator -> Best value for money, very reliable and stable. It is easy and affordable.

They offer Shared, Reseller, VPS, and Dedicated server packages for both beginners and professionals alike. Each of their shared Web Hosting plans includes 24/7/365 support, a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and a 45-day money-back guarantee.

Free Ressources

1) -> Powerful new search engine with slash tags, spam filter and very usefull SEO tools

2) -> High Quality web based seo toll suite

It includes a Keywords Optimization tool to track the ranking of your site for specific keywords, view your keyword’s score, and tips on how to improve different aspects of your site. The free SEO tools offer also includes off-Site Optimization tools. Get general information on the performance of your site. The Site Optimization tool gives you tips on how to improve everything from your title tag to your bold tags, and everything in between.

Please note: this list will be updated on a permanent basis so that only the best services and products will be listed.

In order to provide even more orientation and guidance to our visitors you are very welcome to test these internet marketing services and products as well and provide feedback here. Please be as accurate as possible. You may also mention your personal favorite internet marketing tools or SEO stuff at this place. Just write me a note, and I will publish your comment here.