CPA/Adsense PLR Website with Reviews and Adsense/Clickbank Ready


Adsense and CPA PLR Website Index Page

Adsense and CPA PLR Website Index Page

As one of the biggest, if not the biggest advertising platform, adsense is a very hot niche with so many internet marketers looking and needing more information on how they can improve their profits! Further are CPA product offers a great way to even increase your revenues by combining both CPC (AdSense) and CPA (Clickbank, CJ, etc…) affiliate programs.

Affiliate marketing has taken a new turn for the last couple years and that shift has been to Cost Per Action (CPA) Marketing. More and more affiliates have turned to promoting CPA offers and for good reason, because they get paid for leads!

Affiliates get paid for surfers submitting information, they don’t even have to buy anything. With free CPA offers, affiliates have also seen a increase in conversion rates. It’s a win-win market place for Affiliate Marketers and it’s easy to see why so many have gone the cost-per-action route.

It seems to be all that is talked about on the forums and people are looking for more information on how it works and how they can profit from it. Here is where you come in…

This PLR Website is dedicated completely to Adsense and CPA products with some great information your visitors are searching for. Most marketers make little money with Adsense and CPA affiliate products, so you have a huge audience of people that REALLY need help when it comes to profiting from Adsense, Clickbank and the like.

Here’s your opportunity to provide some solid, usuable information about Adsense and CPA products and make yourself more than a few dollars in the process. There are so many products you could advertise on this site, you won’t run out of options any time soon.

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The main site contains 20 quality text posts covering such categories as:

* Adsense Mistakes
* Adsense Tips and Tricks
* What You Should Know

Just some of the Topics Covered on your new site:

* Picking Your Topic
* Does Blogging Fit in With Adsense
* Where Should the Ads Go?
* Now Knowing Your Keywords

And much more…

Check out our Fully Functional Demo to see what you will be getting: Adsense

Here’s the most important part, how you will be making money from this ready-to-go website:

Revenue Model:

Google Adsense Ads – Two Ad Spots that show on all pages and another spot under every post.

Clickbank related Ads for Adsense related digital products.

You will also be getting Adense related Video page to attract and keep your visitors on your website, so they buy from your Affiliate Links.

These videos are embedded on your site to bring in visitors, keep them coming back and telling all their friends. Your own viral marketing built in. These videos are also very informative as they are Do-It-Yourself, so your website becomes a resource of usable, valuable information.

Best of all this store and blog use the wordpress platform (Ver. 3.01), all the wordpress files are even included, so you know it’s easy to use and profit from. If you are familiar with WordPress the setup of this fully configured revenue generating website really is a no brainer. If you don’t have any experiences with websites and wordpress it doesn’t take long to get used to it.

Blog Core Features:

– Google Analytics to track your visitors and web traffic
– Content Preloaded and can be edited as you want.
– Plugin’s Pre-Loaded
– RSS Feeds that will help get your pages out on the web
– Computer How-To Video page from YouTube

Gain the Advantage in the Search Engines with these Built in Features:

– SEO Plug-in to help get your site to the top of the Search Engines.
– Site Map so the Search Engines can easily spider your pages and give you a better chance to rank well.
– Search Engine Friendly URL’s (included theme is SEO ready)

You’ll also be getting a matching Adsense Review Website With the Following Clickbank Reviews:

* How To Make Money With Adsense
* Uncommon Adsense
* Making Sense of Google Adsense

The review website also includes 5 Article pages:

* Where To Place Keywords for Adsense
* Adsense And SEO – The Powerful Com…
* Avoiding Negative Keywords – The…
* It’s All About Look and Feel
* The Importance Of Images in Adsense…

Simply add your Clickbank affiliate Id, upload the pages and you have your very own Adsense review website thats ready to sell!

Everything is included…(except installation and set-up)

You will be getting everything you need to have your very own Adsense Website and it only takes very little time to get it up and running. For most people it’s 20 minute or less to install and set up. Everything is included. Get your store now and get in on this very popular niche Today! The package includes the documentation showing how to install and set it up.

The sites are also very easy to add new content, edit the current content, or change the site as you wish. You make it your own. It’s your website to do with what you will.

Product Rights:

[YES] Can sell private label rights.
[YES] Can sell resale rights.
[YES] Can be added to paid membership site at $47 per month minimum.
[YES] Can be offered through auction sites.
[YES] Can be edited completely and put your name on.
[NO]  Can be Added to free membership sites.
[NO]  Can be offered as a bonus.
[NO]  Can Sell Master Resale rights.
[NO]  Cannot be given away.

Best Prize Guarantee:


Best Prize Guarantee by Seo-Coaching

Best Prize Guarantee by Seo-Coaching

We offer a best prize guarantee. That means that if you find the same product or a product with comparable features and benefits, we pay you the difference in the prize plus a 10% of that difference. We only can offer this unique lowest price guarantee because we are 100% convinced that we offer the best prize-to-value-ratio in the web.

Delivery Method:

You will get the download link to the full product package as a .ZIP file with your order confirmation email. Please contact us if you have any further questions or if you face any problems.

Order Full PLR Adsense Review Website Full Download @ $26.00