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by admin | 29th September 2009

Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the last few months you have no doubt heard of Twitter.  Twitter is a social messaging and micro blogging system that allows you to stay connected to your followers in real time.

Twitter has bridged the gap between instant messaging and blogging quite nicely – but what is even more astonishing is how rapid it is expanding and how addicted people get to using it. This is a real plus for business people and internet marketers.

Not only can you keep in touch with family and friends, but you can also make new connections with people who have similar interests – whether they are your hobbies or your business.

One of the greatest things about Twitter is how easy it is to set it up. Setting up a basic account only takes a few minutes. Plus there are a lot of third party programs out there that can automate a lot of your tasks as well as get you more followers than you would ever think was possible.

In this article we will take a closer look to these third party programs and applications which can make life for a tweeter much easier. I called them the 5 essential twitter apps, to me they are the best twitter tools out there.

1) twellow.com – Twellow is one of the best twitter tools as it is a great new search tool and directory for discovering Twitter users (Tweeple) that could fundamentally change the way people use the microblogging service.

Best Twitter Tools - Twellow

Best Twitter Tools - Twellow

Twellow has indexed more than 8,100,000 users and sorted them into categories like programming, marketing, graphic design, and dozens of others to help you find users who list those characteristics in their Twitter biographies. Beyond directory browsing, you can enter in specific search terms to find people listing certain interests. Twellow allows you to be proactive about finding new and interesting people to follow, and does a great job of presenting the results.

2) socialoomph.com – formerly known as Tweetlater is one of the best twitter tools as it is the most complete set of productivity tools for busy Tweeple. They can auto follow twitter users who follow them as well as select the option to auto update their status welcoming new followers.

Best Twitter Tools - Socialoomph

Best Twitter Tools - Socialoomph

Schedule tweets if they do not wish to tweet it right away. Tweeple can even track keywords of interest and have them mailed to them at regular intervals.

Another great feature available of Socialoomph is the RSS Feed which Tweeple can use to be displayed on their blogs. One can have tweets shown up only on the RSS feed and not on its twitter account!

3) twitpwr.com – TWITPWR is a Short URL service with Analytics for Twitter. Twitpwr is one of the best twitter tools as it supports its users to get more Twitter followers, and helps site owners generate more traffic and valuable backlinks to their websites.

Best Twitter Tools - Twitpwr

Best Twitter Tools - Twitpwr

Thus, Twitpwr is a more advanced form of TINYURL. With Twitpwr the number of clicks is tracked that one drives via the Twitter API. So the user is given a Power Rating. The higher the Power Rating one has, the more TwitPwr users will see the user’s profile, follow him on Twitter and visit his links.

These are the reasons why TwitPwr has grown so rapidly and its Alexa ranking is less than 15,000 and still rising fast.

These 3 applications and web services are the best twitter tools and the most powerful programs to build up and maintain an immense twitter fellowship to my opinion. Of course, there are far more apps out there, which deserve to be mentioned and they are growing rapidly.

If you would like to learn more about how to build up a massive amount of followers on Twitter and if you would like to know how to monetize your fellowship than there is one ultimate video series that you should watch:

MY-TWITTER-SUCCESS.COM offers you a 18 part video series about the ins and outs of Twitter and its many applications including many hidden secrets of the Twitter gurus.

My Twitter Success

My Twitter Success

Have fun and to your success!

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