Backlink Stragegies For The Advanced SEO

by Willy Pahn | 4th March 2010

Website traffic is mainly due to the complications involved in getting backlinks from other sites. Google and the likes have succeeded in understanding the difficulty of obtaining backlinks which is the basic cause for the working of this method.It is evident that those sites which manage to access more backlinks are thought to be good and valuable in comparison to those which have fewer backlinks.

It would do good to make note that backlinks are of two kinds.the two kinds of backlinks are one-way links and reciprocal links.As the names suggests, reciprocal is a two way link where your site is interconnected to another site whereas one-way link is that which has no reciprocation.As the description explains one-way links is more convenient.

Hence,the burning question is, how to get the one-way backlinks?the astonishing fact is that mode of getting one-way backlinks are the most difficult of options.They are:

1.Getting links from high ranking sites. Search engine’s possibility of recognizing your site is high if you are linked to a high page ranking site. Otherwise if you have a multiple site you can place your links on them but this is not a feasible way. Better way is to seek webmasters of high ranking sites and request a link placed on their site. Chances of both acceptance and rejections prevails. Writing exclusive articles as an action of goodwill might bring remarkable results as well.

2.The second method is known as article marketing. This mode is cumbersome due to the fact a hoard of articles are required and due to the enormity of this process many people give up even before trying their hand at it.Twenty to thirty articles in a minimum are essential before seeing results.On the other hand,there are also few top

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