New Internet Marketing Strategies for 2010

by Aaron Miller | 3rd February 2010

Internet marketing is too broad a concept. It includes SEO, social media, e-mail marketing, pay per click and mobile web. This 2010, it is time to put a thought on your internet marketing schemes and reconstruct your internet marketing solutions.

First of all, email marketing is an integral part of internet marketing. It is not going to disappear in social media, and in fact, email marketing will continue to play a fundamental role internet marketing for the years to come. For this year, take email marketing to the next level by encouraging your email subscribers not only to read the contents of your email, but to get social with it by sharing this email through Facebook, Twitter, Digg and other social networking or bookmarking sites. You can also conduct a poll on Twitter or your Facebook account and boost followers, friends, fans and readers to subscribe to your email newsletter.

Pay per click internet marketing has evolved over the years. Because of the convenience brought in by pay per click marketing, many companies have turn lazy. The best thing to do would be to maximize conversion rates by testing out different versions of your pay per click ads and examining out the right landing pages. Most companies normally set their pay per click ads and then leave it and forget it for a long time, having it generate for itself. They are normally busy with other internet marketing activities that they forget to test and refine the campaigns. Pay per click marketing efforts must always be set in order to reach your set goals in terms of conversion rates. How can you improve your PPC internet marketing? You can test multiple ad versions that highlight various benefits or your products and services. If you are targeting a competitive search term with many competitors, launch two different campaigns simultaneously as these will give distinct fulfillment.

Another form of internet marketing is search engine optimization (SEO). With search engine optimization you tune up your site such that it will become search engine friendly. Your goal here is to have your site listed on top-10 in the organic results of the search engines when users search for a particular keyword which matches to the product or service you are providing. SEO is also a continues process. You have to monitor your results and keep improving your sites contents regularly if you want to get better results.

The above techniques are just some of the schemes you can embark on to improve your internet marketing strategies for 2010.

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