Understand Search Engine Marketing

by Deidre Caporali | 18th May 2011

Search engine marketing aims to list your websites on the first page of search engine results page. Search engine results page is synonymous to SERPs. Many marketers desire to get their website on the first page of the SERPs but whether you are on the first or second page, marketing will be just as good.

The competition is tough for that very first page for every keyword typed in. This article will discuss some of the useful tips in getting affordable and successful search engine marketing.

First Stick to a less frequently used keyword Keywords such as “weight loss” are some of the most commonly searched topics in the internet which means having lots of competition as well. A good keyword research tool can help you find words that are less competitive but still have ample searches every month.

Do not be discouraged because keywords with little competition can soon be discovered by others. Jump on any prospective market.

2. Check if your budget can afford a pay per click advertisement. Pay per click advertising or PPC guarantees a number of clicks for one of your ads from the search engine results page for a cost. You have the freedom to choose the keywords you want and the price will be determined depending on how much competition there is for each targeted keyword. The great advantage is getting noticed by a wider audience. But you pay much more if viewers will only settle clicking your ads and not buying your products.

3. Study the mechanics of on and off site search engine optimization or SEO. Everyone can get results from organic SEO. This costs less than PPC but consumes much of your time and knowledge. May it either be PPC or organic SEO, you will still need the basics of SEO with search engine marketing.

Free placement on the first page of SERPs is offered in SEO only when you have done it correctly. For instant results, let an SEO expert do it for you initially then take over when necessary.

Fourth Post interesting articles and relevant information on your website. Your placement, costs, traffic and even the number of clicks you get for your website will not mean anything if your site does not measure up to its present rank. It all starts the moment you select a URL for your site and continue on with a packed and easy to navigate website.

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