What Is SEO Copywriting for?

by Corryn Jackson | 27th January 2010

You may have heard the word SEO by now. It has become rather a popular lingo for the Internet-savvy. SEO actually stands for “search engine optimization” or “search engine optimizer.” Many companies are now employing search engine optimizers in order to promote their website and reach out to a wider market.

Many SEO consultants offer useful and reliable services for web owners. Their services involves a review and analysis of your present website contents and structure; offering technical advice on website development; content development; keyword mining and research; management of numerous online business development campaigns; and in-house SEO training.

Now let us focus on the content aspect of SEO. SEO copywriting is a technique of writing a text on the web page that lets the viewers and visitors to read it clearly, while trying to achieve the requirements of search engine robots. The aim of search engine optimization copywriting is to make the website rank highly in search engines using the particular keywords. Copywriting also optimizes other on-page aspects such as Title, Description and Keywords tags, headings and alt text.

So what truly is the concept behind SEO copywriting? Search engines want genuine content pages with relevant texts that are related with certain keywords. It is made for the unique purpose of achieving high rankings. When it comes to SEO copywriting, it is recommended to have about 250 viewable words per page and strategically laid keywords within the text. However, SEO copywriting works for suitable websites and suitable search terms. It is also very important that the writer knows how to avoid the deadly sins of copywriting, with keyword stuffing on top of the list. With these factors, SEO copywriting can achieve great results which can direct a website to have higher rankings across many popular search engines.

A page that is successfully optimized by copywriting however, has no warranties. There may be competitors with better SEO strategies. If your website keeps on sliding in the rankings, then SEO copywriting must be redone.

Discover how SEO Copywriting and SEO Strategies can help increase the traffic to your website and thus boost your business!

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4 Responses to “What Is SEO Copywriting for?”

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  2. Oct 1st, 2010 :

    i used to do copywriting as an alternative income source but it is quite tiring:;-

  3. Oct 18th, 2010 :

    copywriting is my other job and it actually pays well just like my day job,.,

  4. Nov 8th, 2010 :

    copywriting is sometimes a hardwork and you need to work a lot for it .

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