Facebook Passing Over Google – A New Dawn To Online Marketing Revolution

by Allen Cleveland | 1st March 2010

Facebook owns Google, well allegorically it does. Undoubtedly it is thrilling news when two major competitive players of internet are engaged in their cutthroat rivalry. If you consider the trends of past few years you will find that Facebook has gathered immense popularity and carved a special niche in the minds of people using social networking websites across the world.

Around 15 years back when Google surpassed Yahoo it was great news for the internet users as everybody was surprised to see the magical popularity of this comparatively new search engine. Google has set an innovative trend to do online business after acclaiming the number one position and being the online market ruler. But now the face is completely changed with a new dawn which is about to come.

As it is well said that “history repeat itself” the same revolution is back again with a market boom. After taking over Yahoo Google has enjoyed a sole market access for number of years but now Facebook has pushed out Google and positioned itself as the most admired social networking website making huge money out of online business.

A few years back when Google has witnessed this great success it made every online marketer amazed and really curious to know about the secret advertising tricks that it has used. Becoming the ruling internet player Google has thought remarkably profit generating tactics to the starters. However now Facebook has the opportunity to reveal these lucrative facts through with it has gathered a huge market share in just couple of years.

In order to know the inside, outside, tricks of the high advertising through which Facebook generates tremendous profits are now in the reach of every common user. You being a newbie in the online marketing field can learn a lot from this shift happened in the market. Internet marketing was never as easy as it is now thanks to the various software and programs running on internet which help the user to know the vicious ways to excel in the market.

There are a number of competitive marketing training programs teaching you the concepts like Affiliate Marketing, role of PPC advertising, how to use Google AdWords, flawless ad sense and a lot more. They offer free membership where you can get familiar with the astonishingly profitable marketing strategies using software, watching video, etc to get an insight of real marketing world. These are the best factors to know how to surpass your competitors.

Considering the latest reports stating Facebook passing over Google people are wondering with the question how they can break Google traffic monopoly? So finally will advise you to log on to the programs especially running to enhance your marketing skills and expand your knowledge base.

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