The Impact of Web Hosting on SEO

by Steve Gates | 30th June 2011

Getting a good search engine rank used to be much easier in the past than it is now. Search engines want to deliver quality results to their audience because their whole business strategy revolves around search volume. That’s why Google keeps changing its algorithm. However, many good websites have also lost their rank because of these changes. This matter is so delicate that a single wrong move can get your site removed from Google’s index permanently. Fortunately it is quite possible to retain your rank and even improve it.

If you are a serious webmaster then it is very important that you don’t take any risks. Sometimes a seemingly insignificant thing can cause a disaster. For instance if you choose a bad hosting company then you won’t be able to get a good rank no matter how many links you built. In fact web hosting is one of the fundamental factors that decides the success of a website. In the coming paragraphs you’ll find out more about the relation between SEO and web hosting.

– SEO Web Hosting: Many SEO experts suspect that Google looks at the IP address of a site while determining its rank. If you have interlinked all your sites and the IP of each site is same then Google will see this as artificial linking. As a result your ranking will fall instead of improving. Hosting companies have come up with a very simple solution to this problem: multiple C Class IPs. SEO hosts give many unique addresses to their clients and each address can be used for one website. This means you can interlink all your sites without getting flagged.

– Speed of Website: It goes without saying that the speed of your site is dependent upon the hardware of your server. Sites hosted on very powerful servers run very fast. On the other hand, websites running on underpowered machines don’t perform well. Such sites not only leave a bad impression on your visitors but also get penalized by search engines. If you don’t want this to happen to your site then make sure server is capable of handling it properly. In addition to that, you can also increase speed by reducing the size of your pages and using a cache.

– Uptime percentage: It is another important thing that search engines consider while ranking sites. Google doesn’t want anyone to click through to a 404 error page and that’s why it keeps removing bad sites from its index. For a good rank your site should stay active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If your current web hosting company is not providing a good service then it is extremely important that you move your site to a better hosting company as soon as possible. While choosing the new host make sure you keep the above mentioned guidelines in mind.

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