Top 3 Online Marketing Myths Discovered

by Donald R. Wireschmith | 7th March 2011

Would you like to stay away from the three biggest Internet marketing blunders? Find out about the three greatest Internet marketing misguided beliefs. Internet marketing is low-cost and effortless to learn!Get a few tips here today!

If you have been in online marketing, you understand that it is not easy for a beginner who is plagued with a lot of wrong ideas. It becomes too hard to tell the difference between the myths and reality, which is a very important step in your success. In this article we are going to bust wide open 3 of the internet marketing misconceptions that are thought to be true.

The first Internet marketing myth is that by simply achieving a high rank in the search engines, you’d be able to make lots of sales. This is not true because getting traffic does not guarantee profits. You must use the correct keywords to drive targeted traffic to your website. For instance, if your site talks about “dog training” and has articles about dogs, you must have dog related keywords so that people will want to visit. Remember that the keywords you choose should be highly relevant and not vague. You SEO campaign should be devoted to driving traffic that brings in paying customers and not just browsing customers. The second internet marketing myth is that it’s necessary to also be indexed in the much smaller search engines out there. There are all kinds of search engines on the web, and they come in all kinds of sizes. Still though, no matter what Google still gets the lions share of search traffic. So just consider if from an ROI point of view; your financial returns will not always (usually always) merit spending a lot of time with them. Even if you do manage to get registered with them and rank, there may not be significant traffic volume in these search engines when the majority of the people depend on Google, Bing, and Yahoo!. So on this one we’re stressing that you should take a closer look at the smaller engines before spending too much time on them. If you concentrate your efforts on Bing, Yahoo, and Google, then you will be doing well enough to capture some of that traffic.

Finally, it is a huge misconception that you must get many years of training in internet marketing if you want to truly be successful. Of course you must study, but you won’t have to get a college degree before you start your online marketing company. You can just read online articles for a good start. The key to making it big with Internet marketing lies more in action than in theory. In conclusion, if you want to see success in internet marketing, find the truth and don’t believe the misconceptions.

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