What You Need To Know About Web 3.0

by Michael H. Fleischner | 30th October 2009

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the Web is largely centered around the concept of social media. People are connecting all over and using the Web to do so. This has been an obvious area of growth for the Internet and an area of opportunity. Many people are wondering what’s next.

In recent months I have heard countless people talking about what’s next for the world wide web. The reality is that Web 3.0 is already here and this is evidenced by those websites who are taking user behavior into consideration when defining an online user experience.

Web 3.0 is all about improving the experience of web site browsers and helping them make the right decisions quickly. Now that the Internet has expanded significantly and there are billions of pages of information, getting through that information effectively has become a challenge.

What makes this concept of Web 3.0 so appealing is behavior data. The next version of the Internet all types of online behavior will be tracked closely. Everything from on-site behavior to purchase behavior like order size and frequency will be combined with preference to shape your online experience. The more data available the more predictive the experience can become.

Web 3.0 goes beyond real time data by allowing online merchants and other websites the ability to integrate existing data into user profiles. For site that already have behavioral data, generating meaningful predictive models become even easier. Whether you’ve responded to a one time promotion or have consistently bought from a web site, this information is used to shape recommendations and marketing messages via email and online.

The data collected through the Web 3.0 methodology analyzes ever individual customer to your web site in a secure manner, protecting data through advances in web tracking and security. This information is essential for improving your experience and helping online product and service providers customize your shopping experience. If you’re concerned about privacy now, the issues will only grow in the years to come as web sites integrate more of this technology into their offering.

Some individuals are going to be significantly concerned about what data is being tracked and how that information is being used. I believe that all users must give their permission to be fully engaged in a Web 3.0 world. Once information is given, the user experience can be liberating, allowing your past behavior to shape your buying experience. This might actually cut down on much of the inaccurate and unrelated solicitations you receive today.

Signs of a Web 3.0 world are already starting to appear. Web sites are doing more tracking, analyzing, and customizing that ever before. Keep your eyes open for more sophisticated buying experiences and realize that another huge transformation is about to begin.

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