Google And Website Bans/Penalties – Understand The Process Of Reconsideration

by Matt Fuller | 5th March 2010

The way in which we communicate, shop, and search for information has forever been changed, thanks to the internet. If you want to gain a foothold in the online world then the first step is to build and host your own website; this is actually not so difficult. There are many web designers and software available that can provide you with the type of pages you need in a relatively short time. The biggest issue with being a website owner is to attract visitors. For this to happen it is essential to receive high placement in the most popular search engines. But if you do not understand the principles of search engine optimization correctly then you may end up with a problem. The issue of Google and website bans/penalties ‘ reconsideration process ‘ is fundamental to know about; otherwise you may spend a lot of time and effort for nothing.

Are you aware that there are various factors which can get your website banned by Google and the other search engines? One such reason could be because the domain name that you use has a past history of association with negative online activities.

Another factor may be down to the number of back links you have on your pages. The search bots and crawlers used to trawl through the content of websites now often see a large number of back links in a poor way. The more paid links you have placed on your pages the greater the risk will be of receiving a ban. Though you may think this is rather extreme on the side of Google; the actual truth is that it is a way in which the major search engines are trying to reduce the threat of visitors being directed to phishing or spam portals.

Though we can argue and discuss the merits and pitfalls of such a policy, the fact is we need to be sure that we are not dealt a ban due to ignorance. Be sure to identify a problem when it occurs. It is possible to redesign any website and then have it resubmitted and reconsidered by Google and the other popular search engines.

Another issue is content duplication. If the text on your web pages is repeated or contained on other sites then this can also result in a ban being given. Authentic material is a must for the best results. If you have received a ban due to your content, make the necessary changes and then resubmit.

As you can see, to increase exposure is often fraught with risk. For this reason it is important to keep up to date with the latest policies from Google regarding their search algorithms and placements. Google issue a clear set of guidelines which if followed correctly should not result in a ban or penalty.

Many people successfully mange to run websites that continuously receive the best placements in search engines. Usually, for the greatest results, it can be better to hire the services of a firm that specialises in search engine optimization. They will understand the latest techniques, regulations, and polices.

There are a confusing number of techniques to increase the hits to websites. As the rules constantly evolve perhaps the best method is to maintain a well built professional portal that is attractive to visitors.

There are many ways to grow your visibility in the Internet market place, however using article writers for website content will help you to accomplish your goals more quickly! Finding link building services that are dedicated to your success, can help you meet your objectives and goals today!

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