Key to Getting Targeted Traffic Unleashed!

by Neha.Grail | 6th October 2010

You can employ several ways to get visitor traffic to your website. However, not all the traffic may be of “good quality”. Even if you have a high hit count, it is really not useful if the visitors do not stick around on your website for a while. It is NOT the numbers that really matter!

Targeted Traffic: In order to get good quality traffic, you really need to attract the “right” kind of visitors – people who are really interested in your site’s topic, people who are more likely to benefit from your site’s content/products, people who may even contribute to your website by purchasing your product or posting comments, or the people who may refer your product or may talk about your website with others. Thus, you need to have “targeted traffic” for the success of your website.

Using Targeted Keywords for Targeted Traffic


Targeted Traffic is focused on target-oriented user activity on the website. You may improve targeted traffic using specific keywords instead of broad keywords with high competition. Long tail keywords can also help in raking higher for less competitive keywords.

Specific Keywords: Using “specific” targeted keywords for your website help you attract targeted visitors who are interested in your web site’s content and products. Specific keywords not only include the broad topic but also include keywords that describe the content of your website. While keyword research for your website, you must consider specific keywords instead of overly broad keywords with high competition.

For example, for a broad keyword like “cat”, your site competes with many thousands of other sites for attention. However, the more targeted “cat house” or “cat food” phrase increase your chance of appearing near the top of the results list.

Long tail Keywords: Long tail keywords are used for targeting less-competitive niche markets rather than for the hugely competitive broad keywords. Using long tail keywords with less competition may help you rank higher on search engines easily.

For example, using long tail keyword like “home made cat food recipes” instead of “cat food” can get you more targeted traffic by ranking higher on search results.

Remember: Optimize your keywords, use specific and/or long tail keywords for targeted traffic!

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