SEO: Is www. vs. non-www. really make a difference?

by admin | 20th March 2010

Example: index-page: www. domain name. com / Click articlesGeben if you are using www. genommen.Allerdings or with out www, you’re in this index page, if you want to read an article that begins with www, you’re back in the index Seite.Beispiel: If you type domain name. com / articles / baseball_coaching. html with out www, again Seite.Würden in the index they are considered as duplicate content?

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One Response to “SEO: Is www. vs. non-www. really make a difference?”

  1. matto_uk

    Mar 20th, 2010 :

    According to Google, unless you yourself and stick to it, there should be no negative impact on your page you both rank.Wenn www. and directly, is the search engine one of the areas to see as a mirror, so reducing the page rank of the two, or want, the worst case, de-listing Sie.Sie simple. htaccess to redirect, make sure you go to the other without problems, even with the help of Google Site Master is the one tool you can use in the sitemap tool.

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