The Definition Of Search Engine Algorithm

by Justin Harrison | 4th March 2010

You may have thought that you need not to have any comprehension about Search Engine Algorithms, but if you are planning and thinking how to optimizing your webpage for Search Engines to increase visibility and also traffic, for that you need to have good understanding about how the search engines work.

Search engines rank WebPages. This is a key part in learning how to get more visibility and traffic. Understanding the rankings, and why a competitor may be ranked above you. If you understand this information you can change your position and end up with the best search engine results. This increased traffic and visibility should drive customers to your business and mean that a larger profit is in store.

The search engine users are not like ordinary customers. The users will just type a keyword and expect results that are relevant. The search engines have to deal with this. In the real world you cannot expect a person to walk into a car sales and dealership and simply blurt out the word ?Car? and expect the salesman to know exactly what type of car the customer wanted.

In the early period of the net, before the texts became astronomical, it was the main component to the search engines. Nowadays if you placed a text example of “printer driver“ it would bring out millions of results. But the search engines now use advanced algorithms to choose the best and more suitable results.

There are two key factors in searching the web, content analysis and linkage analysis. By having the web broken down into different communities of information it becomes easy for the search engines now to get those results for user which are most relevant and they get it very quick with advanced search engine algorithms.

The main goal of any website is to be on the top list of all search engines. Some search engines will cache a portion of the page, but some others will index down your every word. So it is important that all the information on your site is informative, useful, and current, and matches the theme of your site. If you understand how the search engines index and sort the web pages, you can soon bring your webpage come out in the top results.

Pleasing the user is the number one goal when it comes to search engines, so having page rankings on WebPages they choose to be the top ranked pages makes it much simpler for the search engines to return customer pleasing results. If your site links to multiple sites the search engine will increase your ranking on their list and it will help get you to the top faster.

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