Top Link Building Tips For Online Businesses

by Neha.Grail | 31st December 2010

If you run a small website for your business then the chances are you have a million things to think about. Having just come across the rabbit hole that is SEO, link building probably seems like a challenge on par with running a marathon backwards. The problem is, link building is time consuming and not always that straight forward. In fact, it can be incredibly difficult.

Here I have put together some realistic methods and tips that you can use to improve your link building skills, and gain some quality backlinks for your site. These ideas are just a starting point, don’t feel bound by these!

1. Just because you are building links online, doesn’t mean you have to do everything online. If you have a website then the chances are so do your suppliers, customers and any other industry relations out there. Sometimes with your best relations you will simply be able to ask for a link from their site, other times you may have to offer them something. Either way picking up the phone is nearly always more successful than emailing.

2. If you have an active community of users on the site already, why not try running a competition that involves getting users to create videos or tweet and shout on Facebook. This works especially well if you have a youthful or tech minded userbase combined with some good site content. The added social buzz will help generate traffic and links to your site.

3. A starting point of any link building campaign should be proper competitor analysis. Gaining an idea on what your competitors have done to beat you in Google is crucial and can unveil some fantastic link building strategies, after all they must be working if they are above your site in the search engines.

Remember, the overall aim is traffic, so even if it won’t always strictly benefit SEO it could still be worthwhile.


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