A Very Functional Equipment For DIY Projects: The Cordless Screwdriver

by Michelle Paige | 31st March 2011

A cordless screwdriver is a tool that is designed to penetrate a screw inside something. For instance, it can penetrate a screw inside a piece of wood. First, you have to drill into the wood and fix the screw inside it using a regular screwdriver; but what about a cordless screwdriver? Is it any different from a regular screwdriver? What can it do and how can it benefit its users? Read this article to find out.

Actually, a cordless screwdriver is similar to a regular screwdriver except that it uses batteries. There are lots of screwdrivers available that are powered by electricity. Cordless screwdrivers, on the other hand, are powered by batteries. They also feature several interchangeable bits which include flat blades and Philips head and socket attachments.

Can you tell which one is more important: the torque or the speed? Actually, the torque is the more important one. It is a very important factor to take note of when using a cordless screwdriver. An ordinary screw has to penetrate deep into layers of wood so it will be anchored properly.

In order for this to happen, ample twisting strength is necessary; and this will only be attained with a fully charged cordless screwdriver. So, always make sure that your device is fully charged and ready to be used. In addition, most screwdrivers of this type allow users to tighten the screws manually. However, when added torque is needed, batteries are used.

Do you know what the biggest advantage of a cordless screwdriver is? Its biggest advantage is its reversibility. You can actually use it and apply torque in reverse order. When you drill a screw into a piece of wood or any other material, it will eventually rust and might even get damaged. Hence, it will be very difficult to pull out. However, if you use a cordless screwdriver, you will be able to take it out easily. Just apply torque in reverse direction and pretty soon, the screw will be pulled out.

Do not worry because you will be able to prevent arm and hand exhaustion if you use this tool. You will also be able to prevent developing painful conditions due to recurring motion. If you use a manual screwdriver, you will feel pain in your arms, hands, and shoulders because you are constantly twisting and turning. On the contrary, if you use a cordless screwdriver, you will be relaxed, comfortable, and free of pain. You just have to mount it above a workstation and wait until it has drilled a hole or tightened a screw.

The cordless screwdriver is truly an awesome tool to behold. It is convenient, easy to use, and handy. It is also a very practical option. Every homeowner is advised to get a tool like it for home or professional use. They can use it for various construction, deconstruction, and do-it-yourself projects. It is really useful, so you should learn how to use one as soon as possible.

The author lives together with his family in Germany. His profession is a teacher but likes to do on do-it-yourself projects during his leisure time. His chosen items are Makita Akkuschrauber and Metabo Akkuschrauber due to their usefulness and reliability.

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