An Analysis Of The Benefits Of Custom Crafted CNC Machined Parts Vs. Ordinary Production Processes

by Leo E. Hornem | 14th March 2011

When you need a small-scale production of a certain part, or particularly when you want to have full control over a key component you need for your new prototype, you should definitely look into the possibility of getting custom-made CNC Machine Parts. What’s so special in this type of production, however, and what should make you choose not to stick to the traditional techniques?

We should not overlook that, with the large-scale use of computer numerical control across the various departments, machining companies can now assure accurate production of metal components of all sorts even when it comes to normal production processes. Thanks to technological advances, firms specializing in CNC can guarantee superior quality parts timely and consistently.

Nevertheless, sometimes you might have certain components that are more important since they are especially complex or will be destined to tricky applications, and therefore call for special care. If this is the case, we suggest you talk to your machine shop representative and ask him to craft the component not through classic production but via custom machined processes. Many machine shops will be happy to discuss this further with you and present the benefits you’ll enjoy in case you choose this type of production.

But when should you go for custom machined parts instead of traditional CNC production? The main issue is naturally volumes of production: when you need a unique part, say for example for a prototype, then it would definitely be too costly to produce that same part via traditional machining. But it’s also a question of timing, since custom machined parts make it possible to work quicker in the setup phase and consequently allow quicker delivery. What’s even more important for us, however, are the concerns of quality and complexity.

Via custom CNC Machined Parts, companies are able to craft components which reflect your needs 100%, taking into consideration their real applications and your worries. A custom made component is not formed, cast or molded: it follows specific patterns of production, in that it is a result of a unique piece of metal which undergoes various machining processes. Highest production standards are ensured, as always, by the greatest CNC equipment which manages and coordinates the different phases. In the end, the strength and accuracy of the parts are therefore a lot greater, the components splendidly finished and tested, which justifies the slightly higher costs that will have to be sustained for their production.

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  1. Oct 6th, 2011 :

    I think some parts are better custom made than original pressed out parts because with custom machined parts you can have a better quality control on them.

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