Are You Looking For a Slab Roller For Pottery?

by Fred Humperdink | 22nd June 2011

Many people use slab building as a clay craft making method. Most serious clay makers use a pottery slab roller. This is the best way to create consistent clay slabs. You can crank out a lot of consistent slabs with this device.

There are several different models of slab roller on the market. The basic purpose of the machine is to turn a pile of clay into a flat slab. The machine is either sold alone or comes attached to a table with legs.

Some machines are hand operated by either a hand crank or a wagon wheel. Some are operated by a motor. Some machines have one roller and some have two. Depending on your need, you can buy a portable machine or a stationary machine for a large studio. You can find industrial style models that are built to be used day in and day out, or light duty models.

If you purchase the light duty model keep in mind they are not warranted for heavy duty usage. This might be one reason to buy the heavy duty model even if you are not planning to use it extensively at this time. Your usage might increase at a later time.

It is important to know if anyone using the machine has limitations physically. Determine the size of the slabs you will need rolled out. Choose the machine based on the thickness of the slabs you will need rolled.

Determine your budget. How much money do you have to spend on your slab roller? Do you need a new machine or can you find a good deal on a used machine?

Every experienced potter can see the benefits of having a roller. You too can experience these benefits – simply get your own! You can find many options, of all prices, here – Slab Roller For Sale.

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