Bench Grinder – How You Can Keep It Doing The Job For Ages

by Donald A. Crabtree | 16th May 2011

Here are some ideas for looking after a bench grinder:

Hint 1 – Minding the surface As tough and heavy a bench grinder may look, it can still undergo damage if it isn’t placed in a suitable area. Due to different versions and sizes, fitting can be challenging, so the following are some pointers for installing.

Consider a suitable place Bench grinders may not be effortless to move about. To safely move it yet again, you will have to undergo all the trouble of taking apart the whole thing over again. So, to prevent this time consuming escapade, it certainly pays to pick out a place which is central to most of your needs. Refrain from putting in the bench grinder in a prominent area, unless you are planning to use this bench more frequently than, for instance, the table saw.

Bolting Matters It is very critical to pick the appropriate size bolt when you are fastening it on or against the wall. The bolt needs to be strong and stable enough to hold the bench grinder on the work surface tightly. Stay away from small, thin mounting bolts, as they might be very wobbly. Preferably, bolts around five to six inches long and three quarters of an inch around are a lot more suitable to work with, as they usually tend to perform better.

Be aware of an uneven floor An uneven surface just isn’t a bench grinder’s friend. Not only could this jeapordize the unit, but it is also a way to invite disaster. Therefore, when choosing a location, make totally sure that the location you want your bench grinder to be standing on has a appropriately flattened spot. You can utilize various leveling tools to assess the surface of the area in consideration. Also, be conscious of your grinder’s size when checking the area.

Hint 2 – Pampering the Bench Grinder One useful way to help keep the bench grinder continually in fine condition is by pampering it using oil and grease. It is an effective protecting approach which will help keep rust away. When putting on oil and grease, however, always keep all of its housing screws secured properly before and after each and every oiling. Furthermore, ensure to examine its abbrasive wheel for any cracks.

Hint 3 – Maintaining the Stones Using light oil to its stone when using the bench grinder can be an effective method to prevent glazing from appearing. You may also avoid glazing by cleaning off the extra oils, as well as the grits by using a nice and clean cloth or towel following each use. Should glazed pieces arise, however, dry cleaning it with solvent might get rid of the trouble.

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