Choosing Between Pneumatic or Cordless Automotive Tools

by Nicholas Halmond | 11th November 2009

The age of digital technology has allowed us to truly make our lives easier in several different areas. When it comes to automotive tools, this can not only make driving and tightening nails or screws simple, it can also feel as though it’s effortless. Unfortunately, you can’t just run to the store and purchase any type of tools and have the same results. There are hundreds of different brands, but the ones you decide are best for you are the most important. It all depends on the project and whether you need air tools, pneumatic tools, or even cordless tools.

When both affordability and efficiency are heavily in depend, pneumatic tools or air tools are the way to go here. These automotive tools are smaller in size and utilize few electrical components simplifying the process. Also known as air tools, pneumatic tools gets its automotive features by utilizing pressurized gas to put the mechanical parts to motion.

What it comes down to is the air compressor is its main source of energy. Granted, you’ll need the appropriate compressor for your pneumatic tools, but there are plenty to choose from when you’re searching. Just remember to think about the air flow as well so you can receive the optimal performance from your tools.

Since air is the main source of energy, these air tools last longer simply because they do not generate as much heat as when electric tools are active. This also means that you dont have to necessarily find air tools that are extremely in good condition as used pneumatic tools can function just as well. Not only does the reduced electricity prevent overheating, but using these tools save big on your electric bill.

Then again, we can’t forget about cordless automotive tools. They are powered by lithium ion technology that allows the tools to perform faster and better. Any cordless version will allow you to save money on your electric bill as well since you won’t need a socket for their functions. The only thing you’ll have to purchase is batteries or a charger depending on the style you decide to get.

Everyone loves cordless tools because of your ability to take them anywhere and do a job. You do not have to be near a wall socket to get a job done, so it makes some jobs a lot easier. Being able to do a job in a safer place sometimes can lower your chance at having an accident as well.

These cordless automotive tools are also improving each year proving more than enough power to handle similar jobs that the air tools. Cordless automotive tools make use of the energy from the batteries thus making them a bit more powerful than the ordinary pneumatic automotive tools.

You might have a hard time deciding on which type of set to purchase in the beginning. Pneumatic tools are great for individuals who are on a strict budget, and want to save on electric in the long run. If you need more “umph” in your tools, then consider looking into all the different automotive tools available.

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