CNC Milling- The Machinery And Parts

by Leo E. Hornem | 20th March 2011

There are numerous places available from where you will be able to get components or parts for CNC milling. The best place to obtain these CNC milling parts is to look for them online, and these stores will offer you discount and will deliver those parts directly at your doorstep. You can obtain various CNC parts from online stores and can also get them from different stores. There are various types of machines available, and depending on the machine for which you need these parts, there will be price differences. If you are thinking to start it as a small business or a hobby, then you can get several types of small machines for your purpose.

You may get machines for different purposes, like for cutting wood, for engraving someone on metal surface or for doing scroll work etc. Both brand new parts and used parts are available in the online stores, and it is your budget and needs that will decide for which one you will go. It is not recommended to go for used parts because they may turn out to be defective, so you should go for new ones. But if you are on tight budget constraints, you can get second hand parts as well, specially for expensive parts like CNC routers.

You can get various parts that can be used in all of the CNC milling machines, and few of them are listed below. An axis is present in all CNC machines, and it could be of ranges 1-6 axis that decides its functions and size. Other part which holds the cutting and milling machinery parts and moves along the axis is the column. Another important part is the control panel which will hold the keyboard, which is used to input the G code into these machines.

Some other important tools are the ones related to cutting that are fixed to the column, and these parts cut pieces according to the particular operation. A very important part which helps a CNC milling machine to make a grip among the cutting tools so that they stay at their place is the spindle. To keep the machine cool and to keep the cutting tools lubricated, we have also a need of coolant supply tubes.

You should go for the components according to the type of machine you are working with since a lot of milling machines are available. You can get both vertical milling machines as well as horizontal milling machines along with various other types like knee mills.

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