Electric Drill: A Should-Have For A DIY Person

by Michelle Paige | 21st May 2011

In today’s generation, most of us prefer to do simple tasks ourselves rather than hiring a help to aid us. With these increase in do it yourself (DIY) people, there has also been an increase in the number of tools available to help us complete these DIY tasks. Among these tools, the most common that most have is the electric drill.

Electric drills are used for drilling holes for tasks like hanging photos on walls and also for fastening materials together necessary in jobs like building book shelves. With the creation of these electric drills, one can do those abovementioned tasks themselves. However, with the market offering various models of electric drills with functions that are sometimes nonessential but are added to enhance commercial appeal, consumers tend to find it difficult in choosing the best drill they must purchase. Fear not, this article lists various functions you must consider in choosing your very own electric drill.

Before looking onto their other functions, select first whether you will have a corded or a cordless electric drill. Then, you may look at the various bells and whistles on today’s electric drills which include the following: power, speed, chuck size and type, hammer action, handles, depth stop, and screwdriver function.

Corded drills generally are more powerful and have higher speeds than cordless drills. However, with corded drills, the space you may work with is limited on your distance from the electronic socket as corded drills include attached plugs that need to be connected on electrical supply. On the other hand, cordless drills are portable and can be used until the battery pack is exhausted.

Quoted in wattage or horsepower for corded drills and in voltage for cordless drills, the power function of electric drill increases as the power quotation is increased. Hence, if you intend to use you drill more, then you must select a model that can accommodate higher wattage or voltage. Also, the speed of your drill, which depends upon the size of the drill bit and the material being drilled, is another function of drills you must consider. In general, higher maximum drilling speed functions can be found on corded drills rather than on cordless ones. On the other hand, if you would to fit a more powerful motor on you drill, then you must select a larger chuck size. Then, for your driver bit/driller bit, if you would like to easily fit/remove them from your drill, you must select keyless chucks or you may select traditional ones if you prefer the use of keys to open/close attachments. For the drill bit to hit its way into bricks and masonry, you must look into the function that moves your drill chunk rapidly in and out – hammer action. Moreover, you must always make sure that your drill handle and its controls easily fit onto your hand and can be navigated easily. You may also look into the possibility of selecting one with functions that prevent the drill from going too far or its depth stop. Aside from such, drills that function as screw drivers are also a good investment.

With all those pieces of information, you may now go ahead and find your very own electric drill. Or you may choose from brands like Bosch Bohrmaschine, which are created by a leading machine tool manufacture Bosch. An example of their drills is the Hilti Bohrmaschine.

Michelle P. is a stay-at-home mom who lives in Culver City. With her husband working all day, she is always left home to do house maintenance. As such, she sees to it that she owns the housework equipment like electric drills Hilti Bohrmaschine and Bosch Bohrmaschine.

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