Hand Tools Create Most Tasks Much Easier

by Adriana Noton | 17th June 2011

Since the time that man has been creating, hand tools and woodworking tools have been used. They have been very useful in aiding the building of many things. The first tools that man had used were simple stones. They have come a long way since then.

Without them we would not have the things that we do. They have assisted in the making of virtually everything we use. Screwdrivers are use to put screws into things to hold them in place or together. This goes for furniture, homes and even computers. Hammers provide the same type of service only with nails instead of threaded screws.

Special instruments are used just for the purpose of working with wood. Chisels make it possible to chip away at specific spots in a piece of wood. Saws effectively cut wood to the size needed for crafting things. In order to create a hole in wood without damaging and splitting it a drill must be used. An object like a shelf put onto a wall can be made level by using levels. Using a tape measure makes measuring a length of wood quick and easy.

Managing a garden is made much easier with gardening equipment. Small trowels are used for digging holes for smaller plants and seeds. Shovels serve the same purpose but on a larger scale. Rakes can be used to remove unwanted debris and to level the ground. Hula hos may be used to remove weeds and make it less back breaking than doing it by hand. Pruning shears make keeping shrubs and trees cleaner looking by trimming them regularly easy. This would be nearly impossible without them.

An invention that definitely made the task of creation much easier is that of power tools. Power saws are able to cut through wood with amazing speed. When using a power saw your hands and arms are saved from the hard labor of the repetitive movements that manual sawing requires. Electric drills punch through the thickest of materials with surprising speed. Construction of just about everything is able to be done with astounding speed thanks to the invention of powered equipment.

Many other power tools have increased the rate of production in creating things. Nail guns make it possible to build and fully enclose a roof in no time at all. Roofing a home or a building requires hundreds of nails to be strategically placed. Trying to do this task can take days if done by hand. Nail guns make this possible to be finished in a matter of hours.

Adding power has greatly reduced the amount of manual labor that goes into work. Upholstering furniture like chairs and couches is easier with the aid of staple guns. This normally wound have been done by hand which is much slower harder on your body.

Hand tools have been around for as long as man has been building and creating things. Power instruments has made it possible to build houses and homes with lightning speed. The world would definitely not be as great as it is today without the use of tools.

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