Live and Let Live

by Jaynt Gaban | 25th November 2009

The bond between man and machine is everlasting. In the very beginning, men were wild, uncivilized and brute. They had to face the natural calamities, roughness of weather and the wild animals. During that time, they were helpless and these wild men searched for something special which would provide the security and safety.

However, man was able to invent some devices which were hand made. These tools some how helped them to kill animals and protect themselves from the devastating rough weather. They had the imaginative power and they utilized.

However, one thing is also very important to note that the technological progression has simultaneously highlighted the possibility of the enhancement of some negative elements like infighting, militancy, antinational activities and bomb explosion.

All these untoward incidents occur due to the wrong usage of the sophisticated tools. There is a particular class of people who like to take the topmost position of the society. This powerful class is becoming superpower with the help of modern and deadly tools and devices. Their main purpose is to annihilate the whole human civilization.

According to some critics and the intelligentsia class, the main objective of invention of tools and the operation of such upgraded devices in reality are overlapped and abused. Tools are now used to lower down a particular class instead of accelerating the progression of the human society. As if it has now come as a deadly boomerang which will smash the total human existence. The proper care needs to be taken right now.

That’s why men should own up the responsibility to stop biting at one another. Through reunion and unanimity in making decisions and unity in diversities, the whole human civilization will be saved from the steady nosedive and downfall. Modern devices should be utilized for minimizing the problems and obstacles instead of germinating the seeds of violence, militancy in the mind of men.

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