Make The Most Of Your Portable Air Compressor

by Adam Lockhart | 8th March 2011

You have to ask yourself first what you want it for. Do you want one for blowing up the tyres of your car, inflating swimming pool toys or to use with the pneumatic tools. Where you are going to use a portable air compressor is also a factor, get a sturdier one for going on a building site. The size of the tool is something to consider, how much space do you have to store one. How is it to be powered, with an engine, mains electric or DC power.

Why Off Roaders Love Their Portable Air Compressor.

Small portables will fit in to the boot really easily or within the car, maybe under the seat. The will take the power from the car power socket. Put some wind in the tyres if you have to when you are miles from the nearest service station . Fit one on the front of the four wheel drive vehicle, a great option for the enthusiastic off roader. Compressors with a petrol engine to power them is a good option if you are on a job site with no electric.

Four Points To Know About The Portable Air Compressor

* Electric compressors can work anywhere as they don’t emit fumes.

* There are ultra quiet ones that are good for airbrush artists.

* Versatility is a good point you can plug in a variety of tools into a suitable compressor.

* No problems with dangerous electric cables around the workshop.

Looking After Your Handy Portable Air Compressor

Drain the tank so that the water inside does not damage the compressor. Stop the compressor from being damaged by making sure it has enough oil. If it is a single phase motor on the machine don’t by accident hook up the three phase.

What Everybody Should Know About Portable Air Compressors

For the jobs that need a higher volume of air it is better to have one with a tank rather than the tankless variety. A three to six gallon tank on an oil free compressor will give you a better air flow. Portable larger models with wheels and a bigger tank are excellent for use with something like the air staplers.

Compressor For Spray Painting

For painting use then you will need a compressor with a large tank, especially for the HVLP type spray gun. There are some very specialist HVLP compressors that are really good for painting. They don’t have a tank and some use electrostatic for better coverage of the paint.

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