Manage A Machine Shop With Modern Technology

by Leo E. Hornem | 15th March 2011

A machine shop uses equipment and tools to create precision parts and components from a base metal. Modern technology has allowed enterprises to advance and specialize in rapid product development utilizing lean manufacturing methods, fabricate and assemble components using high-speed CNC machines. Usually, a workshop would set up milling, drilling, grinding, shaping, and finishing machines, tools, and lathes. Competition is very high among market leaders, which has inspired them to move into development and specialize in areas demanding innovation and customer service par excellence.

Milling is an area of specialization for machine shop centers to supply batches of parts similar to those made in an assembly line while maintaining the highest precision engineering standards. Enterprises have tried hard to meet industry standards and have got state-of-the-art machinery from the best equipment builders. Quick-changing fixtures that are made to order help in maintaining high-speed performance by reducing the time taken to change over. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are considered to store information that finds out how each function has to be established and helps complete the job with speed and precision.

Conventional workshops include turning machines and resort to skill labor to complete different types of job work. However, leading workshops combine several technologies including CNC turning centers, Swiss style lather centers, and high precision live tooling processes to be able to work on small as well as large diameters. Tools and machines are maintained efficiently with spares to get rid of the redundancy problem. Leading edge technology is fitted into multiple lathes to mass produce components in a machine shop.

Continuous improvement is needed in delivery times, finish of products, and quality that should be able to match production gains. Internal technology has been developed by workshops in sync with the processes used, hence creating a niche for themselves among market leaders, and developing capacity to dispatch high-precision components to institutions like aeronautics and defense. CAD/CAM and internets store and deliver very important system information in real time thereby vastly improving levels of productivity that can be further improved upon.

Quality assurance is the heart of any industry, and leading workshops achieve ISO 9000 status and sustain standards that are expected of them. Measuring systems like optical comparators and other quality equipments have to be best in class with processes in place to calibrate regularly and meet stringent quality management standards. Existing performance levels have to be lifted and quality improved upon on undertaking new projects. Several hundreds or thousands of machined parts are needed by new industries that require them to be delivered at great speed and according to their custom specifications. It is possible for a good machine shop to send them within a stipulated time frame.

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