Raptor Pneumatic Torque Wrench: Much Less Vibration, Great Accuracy

by Edward Archiecard | 11th April 2011

If you want to know about what exactly is pneumatic torque wrench before studying the superiority of the Raptor, you can read the first paragraph of this article. This gearbox assists you to work with little or no energy by which this one uses a pneumatic air motor to absorb the torques. To adjust the torque output, you can manage the air pressure.

Because it looks similar to standard impact wrench, both tools are actually diverse in the operation. When the standard uses hammers, pneumatic torque wrench is controlled by using continuous gearing. As opposed to standard one, this pneumatic wrench provides you with much less vibration and exceptional accuracy. Thus, don’t be confused with these two wrenches.

It is often known as planetary torque multiplier gearbox. This tool has multiplication ratios as much as 4000:1. It is also mostly used anywhere accurate torque is required on a nut and bolt. And also when you need to remove a stubborn nut, you will require this tool. The torque capability of pneumatic torque wrench varies from 87Ft lbs, up to maximum of 35,000Ft lbs.

When you need a pneumatic torque wrench, we suggest that you think about Raptor. This tool is just not like some other wrenches by which it features accuracy of +/- 5%. This is made small, lightweight. Nonetheless, it is used for speed and able to support your torque demands from 120 ft/lbs to 6,000 ft/lbs. The Raptor works together with a variety of applications so it is good tool for any pneumatic wrench need.

Talking about the dimensions, the Raptor offers five different sizes from the RP-500 to the RP-6000. This tool provides torque when you need it quickly, reliably and also dependably. For the durability, the Raptor is equipped with a patented gear technology. In addition, this amazing tool offers lower operational temperatures and increased efficiency which could ease your work. Another thing you might need to know about the Raptor torque wrench is that this tool comes with a sealed housing as well as ergonomic grip to offer you comfort and safe functioning.

Then, precisely what is so special from the Raptor that differ it from another torque wrench? When other pneumatic wrenches permit water enter the body of the wrench, the Raptor is equipped with some seal to maintain the grease in and the water out. Water, in this case, can create rust or corrosion and friction which are the main cause of pneumatic wrench failure of operation. Now by using this tool, you don’t need to bother the maintenance or some repairs.

Now you may need to know about the quality. We suggest the Raptor to suit your needs due to the quality testing it has passed before it leaves the manufacturer. Hence, you can make sure that it has best quality. Furthermore, you will also get guarantee for long time service. For the amazing features and performance, you could think about the Raptor to help ease your work.

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