The Ultimate Storage Solution: Cantilever Tool Boxes

by Clinton Lesley | 19th March 2011

For those having a hobby of crafting things will surely be involved with many tools regularly. These tools are essential to enthusiasts, which is why the storage cases are also very important for them. One of the particular is the Cantilever tool box. It is designed so people may store their equipment properly, securely, and access them easily when needed in a project. Distractions in the middle of the projects can be handled easily by sliding the tools inside the box, and slide the storage sections closed for future use.

This box is designed to be user friendly. In each project, user must have an easy access to the tools as quick as possible. Considering the fact that the sections can slide apart make it easy for someone to reach the tools at the bottom without interfering those placed on top of it.

Cantilever boxes come in a variety of shapes and materials. They are either wood, plastic or metallic. They all share the same design principle in which the tools box consists of drawers that slide over each other to reveal the drawers below. They slide using ball bearings so that the movement is easy given that the tools they carry can be somewhat heavy.

Considering where and how you are going to place this are the first things that you should do. Storing electronic equipment will need Perspex material, which will make you easier to see smaller parts, and metallic material is the one that you need when you are storing heavy duty tools.

Aside from personal use at home, industries can make use of these boxes as well. The ones intended for industry use are made of either steel or aluminum, and can become mobile because of the wheel embedded at the bottom. They are slightly larger than the rest, because they are often used to keep heavy duty tools. One perfect example for these are those in the car repair shops.

These box designs evolve as time goes. While the initial design stays the same, its operation and functionality changes. Now you can see boxes with a release mechanism which will open automatically with the support of spring action and also close automatically when the handle of this box is removed. Some have swinging drawers which will swing out forward or to the side, providing you with better access to whatever is in it.

Most of these do not come cheap but you get high quality ones at reasonable prices. They are well designed and easy to use. One may opt for cheaper ones if on a tight budget, however, if the budget is flexible, one should go for the cantilever tool boxes. You will never have to find DIY project to be cumbersome any more.

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