What Article Submitter?

by Aislin Striking | 18th February 2011

Smart marketers have used articles like a core a part of their marketing mix for a long time. That is because it is some of those high-payoff activities that are simply crazy to avoid. Article marketing or article submitting to article directory websites provides the marketer instant credibility, instant traffic in the article sites and instant links that boost search engine rank.

All of these are essential for anybody to get their articles up for grabs. Or simply for Search engine Optimization. The long-term residual advantages of improved search engine rank and also the articles getting used by publishers on other websites. Every article written and submitted produces immediate results in addition to additional profits for a long time in the future.

The formula is a simple one – the greater articles you’re writing, and also the more directories you publish them to, the greater money you’re making. In simpler terms the product of number of articles you’re writing or have written and the number of directories you have submitted it to with or without the help of article submitter is equal to the money or profit you’re going to make.

So 10 articles listed in 50 article directory websites would seem like 10A x 50D = 500M. However, while article promotion is a straightforward procedure having a simple formula, there’s one huge inherent problem. It needs far longer submitting the articles than it will to analyze and write them. (Without the help of Article Submitter)

Submitting just one article towards the 50 directories within our example formula would take long hours and tiring work. Logging onto every directory and hand submitting every article is not just extremely slow, but extremely painful too. Article promotion should really actually cover Writing and submitting articles And Marketing. Not about Wasting Several of Time Submitting to Article directory sites.

When dealing with the dilemma of sacrificing more time that may be spent doing more productive things (for example writing more articles), the content marketer must make among the following choices; Undergo a brief listing of directories, which leads to lower distribution. Or undergo more information on directories that utilizes some hours that would be spent writing more articles.

Pay anyone to submit your articles for you personally, which utilizes your profits leaving you unclear about the numbers of your articles were really listed in. The perfect solution is always to automate the submission process. The ones have tried, with shaky results at best.

Article submitters generally do not undergo the very best directories, because all of those directories include a different process that is hard to automate. And also the listing of directories they do undergo is rarely when updated, which leaves your software essentially useless after just a few months. And who would like to pay $50 or $100 or even more for any software program which will become obsolete? But then again, you have much other software that do serve good. The internet is so full of them.

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